New design strengthens Hoyer's position in the marine industry

Hoyer Motors has unveiled a new brake motor. The official presentation was made at the Nor-Shipping maritime event which brought together the international elite of the entire maritime industry.

With the combination of a standard motor and custom-built brake solutions, Hoyer has joined the field with a brake motor of its own design. The use of thoroughly tried and tested components has resulted in a product developed for the marine and offshore sector. The components are Hoyer’s IE2 marine motor and a marine brake from the German company Stromag. Hoyer assembles the components in either Denmark or Asia, which benefits the customers.

“Having the components in stock means that we can ensure our customers rapid and secure delivery of approved brake motors for, among other things, all types of winches,” says Loke Svendsen, Country Manager at Hoyer Motors.

Hoyer stands out from the crowd

This flexible solution means that customers can have the motor delivered with or without a Kübler encoder, which is dimensioned specifically for the harsh conditions at sea. In addition to this, customers can opt for a number of other components for the motor depending on its desired use.

“Along with our many years of experience and professional insight into the industry, we believe the brake motor helps us stand out in a market characterised by strong international competition,” Svendsen adds.

Part of a larger strategy

Hoyer has been keeping abreast with developments in the marine and offshore sector for many years, which is why the company is becoming more and more synonymous with that sector. This applies both in Europe and Asia, where Hoyer Motors also established its own testing center earlier this year to achieve a more efficient classification process.

“We aim to become the primary global supplier to the marine and offshore industries. We continually strengthen our position by expanding our range of products. By doing so we improve the level of service for our customers so that they to an even greater extent only need turn to one supplier when they need motors for their marine and offshore applications,” Svendsen explains.

It is Hoyer’s aim to offer an even wider range of products in the future, and this is also part of their recently launched 2020 strategy.

About Hoyer’s Marine Brake Motor and its components

Motor size 132-355 in the following standard designs:

  • TENV
  • TEFC
  • TEFV

Hoyer – Marine Brake Motors


Hoyer IE2 Marine Motor

  • Documented maritime performance
  • Fully documented and approved by all major classification societies
  • IP 56, heater, tropical insulation, PTC, VFD-ready

Stomag High Protection DC Brake:

  • Designed and developed for maritime environments
  • Approved by all major classification societies
  • Documented quality

Kübler high protection encoder:

  • Developed for harsh conditions
  • Marine protection housing
  • Shock and vibration resistant