IE3 electric motors

IE3 motors from Hoyer are recognised for proven high quality, reliability and performance. They are used for a wide variety of industrial, marine and wind applications.

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3xPTC in windings
Locked bearing in drive end
Colour RAL 9005 low gloss




0.75-1800 kW

IP class


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Hoyer's range of IE3 motors

Hoyer's IE3 motors are designed to be versatile, capable of operating in diverse industrial environments. A feature of a Hoyer IE3 motor is the compatibility with VFD systems, which allows for variable speed control, further enhancing their efficiency and adaptability.

This feature is particularly beneficial in applications where motor speed needs to be precisely controlled, leading to improved process control and energy savings.

Our range of electric motors includes various IE3 models engineered to provide optimal performance in specific applications, ensuring that every industry can find a suitable IE3 motor solution from Hoyer.

Key factors to consider when selecting an IE3 motor

When selecting an IE3 electric motor, it's crucial to consider specific operational requirements.

First, assess the load profile: IE3 motors are most efficient under constant, high-load conditions. Evaluate the compatibility with existing systems, particularly if integrating with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Also, consider the environmental conditions, as IE3 motors have specific cooling and ventilation needs.

Lastly, factor in the total cost of ownership, not just the initial purchase price, as IE3 motors often offer long-term savings through reduced energy consumption.

These considerations ensure the selected IE3 motor optimally aligns with your operational needs and efficiency goals.

Are you looking for an electric motor with the highest efficiency and energy savings, the IE4 electric motor provides unmatched effectiveness.

Technical information

Hoyer IE3 electric motors are manufactured according to the efficiency class system specified under IEC 60034-30. Their high quality, reliability and performance are well documented.

The motors are asynchronous, low voltage three-phase TEFC motors. Type HMA3 (aluminium) size 80-132 and HMC3 (cast iron) size 160-400 are supplied with SKF or similar premium bearings and 3xPTC in the windings. Motors in size 80-180 have closed bearings greased for life. All Hoyer IE3 motors have a locked bearing in the drive end as standard.

All IE3 motors are provided with blind caps in all supply connections and are IP55 as standard, prepared for drain holes and painted with RAL 9005 low gloss.

400 V Y – Hoyer IE3 motors ≤ 3 kW
400 V D – Hoyer IE4 motors ≥ 3 kW

Other voltages are supplied on request.

Why are IE3 motors the right choice for your industry?

IE3 motors are a smart investment for modern industries and are often used in marine and wind applications due to their blend of energy efficiency and operational excellence. Key benefits include:

  • Energy savings: Reduced energy consumption leads to lower electricity bills.
  • Operational efficiency: High performance under varied load conditions.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Contributes to environmental sustainability.

Hoyer's IE3 motors are designed to deliver these benefits consistently, making them an ideal choice for industries looking to optimize their operations while reducing their environmental impact.

IE3 motor efficiency

Understanding the efficiency of IE3 motors is crucial for businesses looking to optimize their operations. IE3 motors are designed to operate with a higher efficiency level, meaning they convert a greater percentage of electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Investing in Hoyer's IE3 motors is a strategic decision that aligns with both economic and environmental objectives, ensuring a sustainable and profitable future.

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World Efficiency Motors

Did you know that Hoyer has developed a range of motors designed to meet different efficiency requirements across markets? The motors are based on our popular IE3 range.

We call them World Efficiency Motors.

As standard, Hoyer World Efficiency Motors are designed to IEC standard sizes and are UL/CSA approved. Likewise, Hoyer World Efficiency Motors are developed to meet the requirements of multiple efficiency class systems in one motor.

The range gives global OEMs many options when they need to optimize the supply chain and work with energy savings.

The technical excellence of IE3 motors

IE3 electric motors are designed to meet stringent energy efficiency standards, offering a significant leap over their predecessors.

This efficiency is measured in terms of reduced energy loss, higher output per unit of energy consumed, and lower operational costs. IE3 motors are designed with advanced electromagnetic designs, improved rotor structures, and high-quality insulation materials. These technical enhancements enable IE3 motors to operate more efficiently than IE1 motors and IE2 motors, leading to significant energy savings.

Hoyer's IE3 range exemplifies these advancements, offering motors that not only meet but often exceed the efficiency benchmarks set for this class.

Have you considered IE4?

IE4 motors from Hoyer are defined by high energy efficiency, which offers great opportunities for energy savings.

Improving energy efficiency with frequency converters

Our stand-alone drives can be both centralised and decentralised solutions. They are used in a wide range of applications in all our segments. 

Hoyer distributor network

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