Remotely monitor the motor’s condition using Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor

The new Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor makes it possible for all application owners to remotely monitor their low-voltage motors. Optimise maintenance planning and run automated analyses using AI. See this new function in action at SPS 2022 in Nuremberg.


Imagine being able to remotely monitor any number of low-voltage motors without having to dispatch technicians to physically check the applications. Hoyer introduces its new Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor that makes it possible for application owners to reduce unforeseen downtime and optimise their maintenance planning.

“The wireless Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor makes it possible for application owners to upgrade from preventive maintenance to condition-based maintenance. This makes it possible to avoid unnecessary costly repairs and detect faults sooner to facilitate planning the next production stoppage,” says Claus Balle Thomsen, Product Manager, Drives and Controls, Hoyer.

Find faults before they become a problem

Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor combines physical sensors, an online application, mobile app and AI analysis in the cloud to provide the application owner with an real-time overview of every single motor’s condition and performance. This enables the application owner to make more well-informed decisions and detect early warning signings before they develop into serious, costly problems.

By registering and analysing input from the sensors, the system can trigger warnings and recommend appropriate action. For instance, asymmetrical issues in the motor flows may indicate a problem in the motor’s power system, and rising vibration levels at different frequencies could indicate that the motor shaft needs to be rebalanced or that bearings need to be replaced.
All data is stored and transferred by means of reliable protocols to ensure reliable protection throughout the data life cycle.