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The marine segment is our largest segment. We focus on service, delivery performance, flexibility and the right product fit. We have a 360-degree focus from world-class OEM’s to leading shipowners and after sales services.


The motor is essential to all HVAC applications - it is all about finding the perfect fit. The balance between quality, costs and performance is key to making a difference. We respect that and we know how to develop the right solution – we make it count.

Industrial Pumps

The cooperation with Industrial Pumps OEM’s has throughout the years shaped our company and approach to motors. Pumps is the largest application group across our markets and we have a deep understanding of what it takes to make a difference.


Over the years we have become experts in motor solutions for hydraulic power units. In the hydraulic market different solutions are required depending on the purpose and usage of the HPU. Not only do we understand our customers’ products, we also have extensive insights into their customers’ applications.


Our Wind customers are under constant pressure to cut costs while fulfilling demanding standards and our solutions are designed to meet these challenges. We find the perfect product fit while ensuring market leading delivery performance.

Oil and Gas

Despite having been in the motor industry for many years, we are still new in class within the Oil and Gas industry. However, we see this as an advantage as it allows us to challenge customers' approaches to electric motors and to develop new solutions in collaboration with them.

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