New facilities in Ningbo

In order to support the large growth potential that exists in Asia, Hoyer Group has invested heavily in new and updated facilities.


With the new regional headquarters in Ningbo, China, Hoyer is creating enhanced prospects for new services and solutions.

“The new facilities in Ningbo holds several commercial and operational opportunities, and we are confident that it will add value and take Hoyer Asia to the next level,” says Henrik Sørensen, CEO, Hoyer. “The aim is to ensure that we can bring value to both new and existing customers; and with the new facilities we have an optimal setup for a fast supply chain, high quality and local service and support,” states Henrik Sørensen.

Domestic focus

In many years, the marine industry has been Hoyer’s primary focus in Asia. But in the latest years, there has been an increased and additional focus on domestic markets such as industrial pumps, wind and hydraulics.

Hoyer sees a great match between their solutions and the domestic markets in China, where the environmental focus drives the growth. “We keep seeing an increased focus on environmental solutions across markets and across industries; and at Hoyer, we are proud to take part in this environmental journey in Asia,” says Henrik Sørensen.

Official opening

The new facilities will be marked 30 May 2023 where customers and other business from Asia will be invited for the official opening