Service is our top priority. You can expect minimal response time, customised solutions, and a deep understanding of local corporate cultures. 

Good service and high standards

We hold our service to high standards, and we want you to notice it every time you interact with us.


At Hoyer, great service is part and parcel of our product. It's what makes us unique to any others in the market. Minimal response times, customised solutions, and a deep understanding of various industries ultimately give your product extra competitive value.

Expanded Scope

We are constantly expanding the scope of our service, and thereby continually adding value to our products, and thus your products as well.

We are fast, flexible and deliver high quality service to your entire organisation. This benefits you, your colleagues and adds value to your entire supply chain.

Delivery Performance

We take pride in completing orders within a fast and flexible time frame. In this way, we meet your priority of keeping stock expenses at a minimum while still ensuring a steady production flow. 

Warehouse and workshop

Our logistics setup in Europe and Asia is the backbone of our company.