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Other industries

Hoyer electric motors are used in a wide range of industries not specified here on the website. Electric motors are also used in manufacturing, robotics, automotive, aerospace, mining, construction, healthcare and many more industries.

Hoyer electric motors drive various machines, equipment and systems, which contribute to automation, precision and efficiency in various industrial processes. Electric motors are the backbone of industrial operations, enabling seamless operation of numerous applications across different industries.

Hoyer electric motors have widespread applications across a wide range of industries. They are commonly used in manufacturing processes to drive machinery such as conveyor systems, robots and assembly line equipment. In the aerospace industry, Hoyer electric motors are used for aircraft systems, including landing gear and auxiliary power units.

We work together with highly specialised pump OEM’s within diverse niches such as food & beverage, desalination and fire protection. By understanding the market we strive to offer motor solutions tailored to fit our customers’ individual needs.

Hoyer electric motors are also used in mining for drilling, crushing and material handling. In the construction industry, they drive equipment such as cranes and lifts. In addition, Hoyer electric motors are used in the healthcare sector for medical equipment, in the food and beverage industry for processing equipment and in numerous other industries that require reliable and efficient motor driven systems.

Other industries


Hoyer supplies electric motors and drives & controls to several different industries. If you are looking for information about a specific industry, you can find direct links to those we have listed here.