Hoyer's distributor network is still growing

Technical know-how, large warehouses and rapid response times are some of the requirements when Hoyer selects new distributors within the industrial and marine sectors. The goal is to provide optimal levels of local service to the customers. The Spanish company Blay Marine Tech is the latest member of Hoyer's global After Sales network.


Repairs that take a couple of days or a new motor delivered in just a couple of hours. When the motor of a critical application fails, the choice between the two options is rarely difficult. This is particularly true for vessels that must proceed with their routes as soon as possible.

It was precisely that option of rapidly obtaining a new motor or other essential spare parts that resulted in the basic idea behind Hoyer’s global network of After Sales distributors. Carefully selected partners across the entire globe ensures that there is always a Hoyer motor in stock where customers need one.

Carefully selected partners

The latest member of the distributor network is the Spanish company Blay Marine Tech (BMT), which, with its large warehouse in the port city of Algeciras, is ideally located to serve shipping traffic that sails through the Suez canal. As a fourth-generation family-owned company, BMT has more than 100 years of experience of providing professional services to the maritime industry and possesses all the qualities that are essential in Hoyer’s service partners.

“BMT is a great example of how we choose partners with the same values and quality requirements as Hoyer. A large warehouse, rapid response times and the ability to serve customers 24/7 are some of the key parameters. It can take some time to identify the right partners, so we value long-term collaboration and we are always available for our distributors,” says Brian Byskov, After Sales Segment Manager at Hoyer Motors.

Local service worldwide

Hoyer is constantly searching for distributors with the right profile. Amongst other things, Hoyer has an ambition to be present in at least 10 of the largest bunker ports in the world, explains Brian Byskov:

“Our network already covers important ports such as Hamburg, Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore and we are currently seeking partners in Fujairah and Istanbul. Our after sales specialists in Denmark and China are committed to continually training and developing our distributors so that they are always up-to-date with the latest product news and services.”

After Sales service for all industries

The marine market in particular accounts for a large proportion of Hoyer’s After Sales activities. But other markets are also growing in line with the distributor network growing. In the USA, for example, there are several wind farms consisting of European wind turbines and for which motors in accordance with the mechanical NEMA standard cannot be used. Here, Hoyer in collaboration with its distributors can supply replacement of IEC motors for e.g. hydraulic and cooling units.

“We can see a natural development in which customers across market segments use our After Sales network. Besides the wind power industry, we also have industrial distributors who work in water supply, with whom we collaborate to deliver highly efficient VFD driven motors and provide advice on energy efficiency improvements. This is actually a general focus area across all markets and, together with our distributors, we can see great opportunities to contribute towards customers’ green transition,” says Brian Byskov.

Explore Hoyer’s After Sales network

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