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Industrial Hydraulics

In recent years, industrial hydraulics have moved toward more efficient, intelligent and safe hydraulic power units (HPUs). The industry seeks to minimise energy losses and increase overall efficiency. At the same time, there is increased automation, and HPUs are now connected to industrial IoT platforms that enable remote monitoring, diagnostics and data collection.

There is also an increased awareness of the need for more safety features to detect abnormal operating conditions and prevent damage. These developments underline the importance of high quality products and suppliers with in-depth expertise.

Typical applications

What defines an HPU is typically the market in which it is used and the application it is part of - just as it applies to electric motors. We have extensive experience with hydraulics OEMs and motor solutions for hydraulic power units. In the hydraulic market different solutions are required depending on the purpose and usage of the HPU. Not only do we understand our customers’ products, we also have extensive insights into their customers’ applications, and we are able to meet the specific industry demands.

Hoyer's motors can be tailored to the market they are used in and the application they are part of. We produce motors for both hydraulic HPUs and electric cylinders that fulfil important roles in the industry.

Hoyer supplies motors to several market-leading suppliers in the European market and has a long-standing relationship with leading global OEM hydraulics manufacturers. We have extensive experience in this field and are able to meet specific requirements across industries.

Related products

IE4 motors

By choosing IE4 motors for your industrial applications, you can achieve significant energy savings, lower operating costs and make a significant contribution to a greener future.

IE3 electric motors

IE3 motors are designed to reduce energy loss and optimise performance, making them a popular choice in industrial applications. They convert a high percentage of electrical energy into mechanical energy, resulting in low power consumption and reduced operating costs.


Correct and comprehensive documentation is a mandatory requirement in industrial hydraulics. Below we have collected all the relevant documentation for typical applications.

Cases and references

After Sales

At Hoyer, we understand the importance of providing outstanding service and support to our customers, even after the products have been sold.

Our after sales approach is deeply rooted in our core values of building long-term and valuable partnerships with global OEMs in the industry. This helps prevent downtime and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

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