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Applications on ships and other maritime areas must be able to operate safely and reliably in demanding environments where the motor and other electrical components are often exposed to vibration, salt and humidity. In addition, there are special needs such as explosion proof EX and ATEX motors or extreme temperatures.

Typical applications

Electric motors are part of a wide range of applications in the marine industry.

These include air supply compressors, ventilators to maintain optimal air quality, pumps for liquid transfer and circulation, winches for lifting and towing operations, HPUs (hydraulic power units) for hydraulic systems, thrusters for propulsion and scrubber systems for emission control.

For decades, Hoyer has built up in-depth knowledge of the marine industry and today cooperates with leading OEM manufacturers, shipyards and ship owners. From Arctic icebreakers to bulk cranes on the Amazon, Hoyer's electric motors operate applications such as pumps, winches and thrusters on board LNG carriers, cruise ships, ferries, trawlers and many other ship types.

We can protect marine motors from the harsh elements, provide relevant documentation and help our customers comply with international environmental legislation.

Electric motors in the marine industry

The marine industry is constantly under pressure to reduce environmental impacts, optimise the performance of critical applications and meet strict documentation requirements.
This requires a careful approach with focus on quality, service, documentation, flexibility and great insight into the market's special challenges and needs.

The industry therefore relies increasingly on electric motors to power a wide array of applications. At Hoyer, we recognize the critical need for reliable and efficient power solutions, and provide electric motors for marine applications, such as pumps, winches, and thrusters. These motors are not merely components; they are the heartbeats of marine vessels and infrastructure, ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently.  

Specialised marine solutions 

In addition to the standard electric motors utilised in pumps, winches, and thrusters, the marine industry often requires more specialised motor solutions to meet specific operational needs. We offer a range of specialised motors, including explosion-proof and brake motors, that cater to the unique challenges of marine environments. 

Explosion-Proof Motors: In the marine industry, especially on oil tankers, chemical tankers, and in environments where flammable gases or vapours may be present, the risk of explosions cannot be overlooked. Hoyer's explosion-proof motors are designed to operate safely in these hazardous areas by preventing internal sparks or high temperatures from igniting external gases or vapours.  

Brake Motors: Brake motors play a crucial role in marine operations where controlled movement is essential. In applications such as crane operations, loading and unloading cargo, and even in securing the vessel's anchoring system, brake motors provide the necessary control and precision. They ensure that mechanical movements are smooth, controlled, and can be precisely stopped or held in position, enhancing safety and efficiency in marine operations. 

These specialised motors are not just beneficial; they are often essential in ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of marine operations worldwide. 

Hoyer's high standard marine motors

Our marine motors are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the maritime environment, ensuring longevity and reliable performance under the most challenging conditions.  

Through our long history of providing excellent and specialised solutions to the marine industry, we have expertise in developing motors for many marine applications. 

On Mærsk’s newly built container ship, IE4 motors from Hoyer are helping reduce energy consumption in the engine room. The new container ship is the first vessel that can run on both methanol and conventional fuel. You can read more about the motors used on the vessel here. 


Challenges in marine motor design and application

Designing marine motors that can withstand the rigours of the marine environment presents a unique set of challenges. At Hoyer, we confront these challenges head-on, with a focus on innovation and resilience: 

Corrosion resistance: Marine motors are constantly exposed to saltwater, a harsh element that can degrade standard materials. We utilise corrosion-resistant materials in our motors to ensure longevity and reliability. 

Weather and water resistance: Extreme weather conditions and water exposure require robust motor designs. Our motors feature advanced sealing and cooling systems to protect against the elements. 

Efficiency in harsh conditions: Maintaining efficiency despite fluctuating temperatures and conditions is paramount. We incorporate innovative technologies to ensure that motors perform optimally in any environment. 

Through strategic design and a commitment to quality, we ensure that marine operations can proceed smoothly, efficiently, and without interruption, no matter the external pressures. 

Related products

IE4 motors

IE4 motors are typically used in applications where motors are in continuous operation. This can include pumps, fans, and compressors.

IE3 electric motors

IE3 motors are designed to reduce energy loss and optimise performance, making them a popular choice in a variety of applications. 

Explosion proof electric motors

When operating in hazardous areas, there is often a demand for special motors like the explosion proof motors from Hoyer.

Brake motors

The Hoyer marine brake motor is designed specifically for demanding marine and offshore applications.

Test centres

Hoyer's own test centres in Europe and Asia guarantee fast, flexible and efficient delivery to our customers in the marine sector.

Marine certificates

At Hoyer, we know the requirements of local authorities and certification bodies and have obtained a range of marine approvals to ensure that our customers meet all relevant requirements.

Cases and references

After Sales

In order to provide optimal service to our customers in the marine industry, Hoyer has upgraded our global after sales services. Therefore we can often have a new motor or spare part ready to be installed as soon as the ship reaches its port of call.

We work directly with major shipping companies and have a strong network of distributors and agents, so we can deliver to ports from Le Havre to Singapore at extremely short notice.

Finally, we are present on online portals that facilitate contact between suppliers, distributors and shipowners.

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