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From precise cooling to efficient air circulation, our expertise in delivering customised motor solutions ensures operational reliability and energy efficiency, meeting the most stringent requirements. Trust us for high-quality products and expert knowledge in the HVAC/R industry.

HVAC/R plays a vital role in commercial buildings and industrial processes. HVAC systems must provide precise and reliable cooling and air circulation. Regardless of whether it is smaller heat pumps, larger cooling compressors, or advanced ventilation for power plants, warehouses or production companies. 

These are often complicated and customised constructions with extensive documentation requirements and technical specifications that must be met. Varying atmospheric conditions, vibrations as well as noise and energy levels must also be factored into the equation.

Therefore, the HVAC industry has a strong focus on operational reliability and energy efficiency. This requires high-quality products and suppliers with deep expert knowledge.

Electric motors play a vital role in HVAC/R applications. They are used in applications such as pumps, compressors and axial and centrifugal fans.

Electric motors in HVAC/R

In the HVAC/R industry, electric motors play a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability. At Hoyer, we understand the importance of selecting the right motor to conserve energy and reduce environmental impact.

Our motors for HVAC/R are designed to optimise airflow and temperature control while minimising energy consumption. This focus on energy efficiency not only supports sustainability goals but also leads to significant cost savings for our clients. Our range of motors suitable for HVAC demonstrates our commitment to providing solutions that are both environmentally responsible and economically beneficial.

Hoyer's approach to the market

Hoyer's motors can be used for a wide variety of HVAC and refrigeration applications. For example fans, pumps, compressors and heat exchangers. The motors allow precise control using frequency converters and can be designed to meet exact requirements for noise, compactness, energy efficiency and operational reliability.

Hoyer has extensive experience in supplying custom-made motors to several market-leading suppliers at the European market and has long-term cooperation with leading global OEM manufacturers in HVAC and refrigeration. Therefore, we can always deliver the necessary documentation and offer close sparring in the design phase.

Our custom solutions for HVAC applications

At Hoyer, we specialise in developing custom solutions for HVAC applications.

Our approach involves understanding the unique requirements of each project, whether it's for commercial buildings, industrial facilities, or residential systems. We offer custom motor designs and adaptations to meet specific industry needs.

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Our electric motors are tailored to provide optimal performance in diverse HVAC settings, ensuring reliability and longevity. By offering bespoke solutions, we ensure that our clients receive motors that perfectly align with their HVAC system requirements.

The role of VFDs in HVAC systems

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are integral to modern HVAC systems, significantly enhancing motor control and efficiency.

At Hoyer, our VFDs allow for precise speed control of HVAC fan motors, adapting to varying cooling and heating demands. This adaptability results in reduced energy consumption and improved system performance.

The use of VFDs in HVAC systems also contributes to extending the lifespan of motors by reducing mechanical stress during operation. Our variable speed motor HVAC solutions demonstrate our commitment to innovative and energy-efficient technologies in the HVAC industry.

Challenges in HVAC motor design and application

Designing and applying motors for HVAC systems come with unique challenges. At Hoyer, we focus on overcoming these challenges by innovating in areas such as noise reduction, compactness, and adaptability to varying atmospheric conditions.

Read more about how we use special motors for industrial cooling.

Our motors for HVAC are engineered to operate efficiently in diverse environments, ensuring consistent performance regardless of external factors.

We address issues like space limitations and noise concerns by developing motors that are not only powerful but also sleek and quiet. This approach ensures that our HVAC solutions meet the highest standards of quality and functionality, catering to the specific needs of our clients.

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Correct and comprehensive documentation is an essential requirement within HVAC and refrigeration. Below, all relevant documentation for typical applications can be found.

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After sales

At Hoyer, we understand the importance of providing great service and support to our customers, even after the products have been sold.

Our after sales approach is deeply rooted in our core values of building long-term and valuable partnerships with global OEM's. With this, we contribute to prevent downtime, reduce maintenance and repair costs.

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