The Danish company Carsoe supplies fish-processing plants to seven new Russian supertrawlers

Hoyer Transmission’s customer Carsoe has just delivered the first components to the Russian Fishery Company’s new supertrawlers. The Aalborg-based company has been chosen as an official supplier and will be supplying seven complete fish-processing plants to the Russian fishing fleet in the years ahead.


The Russian fishing fleet is undergoing a modernisation process. The government has introduced an incentive scheme that is intended to help update the fishing fleet, and the large Russian Fishery Company will be building seven new supertrawlers as part of this effort. Carsoe has been commissioned to manufacture and deliver the fish-processing plants to these same supertrawlers. Hoyer supplies Carsoe with various transmission components.

Carsoe has previously manufactured similar solutions and they were selected as the supplier of the fish-processing plants.

“We have previously manufactured and delivered fish-processing plants to places like Canada and Greenland. But this is the first time we will be supplying Russian vessels. Russia has a large fishery industry, which makes this a big step for us to be able to enter this market,” says Morten Kusk, Project Manager, Carsoe.

Supervisors on site

The first two of the seven supertrawlers will be built as pilot projects at shipyards in Turkey. This is where Carsoe will assist in building the entire plant. The remaining five or six ships will be built in St Petersburg, Russia, where Carsoe will be present as supervisors.

“Not being directly involved in building the ships but merely serving as supervisors will be something new for us. It will be interesting to try,” Morten Kusk says.

The components that have already been delivered include the large pieces of machinery for lifts, for instance. Once they have been installed, part of the ship will be closed off and the rest of the components can subsequently be built up through hatches. Construction of the pilot ship will be completed in December 2020 and the remainder will commence on an ongoing basis.

The type ST192 supertrawlers are 108 metres long and 21 metres wide, and each fish-processing plant is designed to produce 400 to 500 tonnes of fish every day.

Hoyer and Carsoe have collaborated on multiple projects in the past, and Hoyer Transmissions was selected as a supplier for these projects. Hoyer will supply Rossi gears, Hoyer chains, Sedis chains, couplings and special chain sprockets to all seven Russian supertrawlers.

About Carsoe

  • Established in 1976
  • Headquarters: Aalborg, Denmark
  • Manufactures and distributes equipment and solutions for processing catches on board fishing vessels and food processing systems in general.