Brake motors

The Hoyer marine brake motor is designed specifically for demanding marine and offshore applications.

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IP56, IP66

Hoyer's brake motors

At Hoyer, we offer brake motors designed to ensure precision and safety in various applications. A brake motor ensures precise control of your work. The motors are designed to stop immediately when the power is disconnected.

These motors are integral in applications where controlled motion and immediate stopping are crucial. Our commitment to quality makes our brake motors a reliable choice for ensuring operational safety and efficiency.

Technical information

Perfectly matched components are the foundation of the modular Hoyer design. By using our IE2 marine motors as the backbone of the design elements such as quality, documentation and fast delivery are ensured.

Together with the high protection marine brake and an encoder developed for harsh conditions, the brake motor is ready to meet the highest expectations. Marine brake motors are of type HMC2 and in size 132-355 are always made of cast iron.

The motors are asynchronous, low voltage three-phase squirrel-cage motors. All motors are equipped with 3xPTC in windings, heating elements for stand still protection against condensation and tropical windings. They are prepared for frequency converter duty and have IP56 protection class.

We offer 3 flexible designs that can be supplied according to customer specifications:

  • Totally enclosed non-ventilated - IEC 410
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled - IEC 411
  • Totally enclosed forced ventilated (Wistro cooling) - IEC 416

Factors to consider when selecting a brake motor

Our Marine brake motors are designed with integrated braking systems, providing immediate stopping power and precise control. This functionality is crucial in applications requiring quick response to prevent accidents or damage.

Factors to consider when choosing a brake motor include the required stopping time, load inertia, and operational frequency. Additionally, the environment in which the motor will operate, such as temperature and humidity, plays a role in selecting the appropriate motor.

In some cases, other motor types may be more suitable, depending on the specific application requirements.

The advantages of using brake motors

Using our brake motors offers several advantages, including enhanced control, safety, and reliability. These motors are particularly beneficial in applications where precise motion control and immediate stopping are necessary.

  • A brake motor offers enhanced operational efficiency as you get better control in your operations where repositioning may be necessary.
  • The integrated braking system in our motors ensures quick and safe stopping, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • The brake motors also ensure reduced downtime in your operations as they can minimize wear and need for repairs.

Our brake motors stand out for their robust design and reliable performance, making them a preferred choice in demanding industrial environments.

Compared to our standard electric motors, which excel in continuous and variable speed operations, our brake motors provide an added layer of safety and control, particularly in applications requiring rapid and precise stopping.

Applications of brake motors in industries

Brake motors are versatile and are used in a variety of industries.

In manufacturing, they are essential for equipment that requires precise control and immediate stopping, such as conveyor belts and lifting equipment.

In material handling and automation, our brake motors ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods.

Our motors’ reliability and precision make them ideal for applications in sectors where safety and control are paramount. The adaptability of our brake motors to different industrial settings underscores our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

Have you considered IE4?

IE4 motors from Hoyer are defined by high energy efficiency, which offers great opportunities for energy savings.

Improving energy efficiency with frequency converters

Our stand-alone drives can be both centralised and decentralised solutions. They are used in a wide range of applications in all our segments. 

Hoyer distributor network

In close cooperation with our distributors, we offer the best possible after sales solutions. Find our distributor network here. 

What is Hoyer's approach to the marine industry?

Did you know that we can protect marine motors from the harsh elements, provide relevant documentation and help our customers comply with international environmental legislation?

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