With our global certification setup, we want to make the certification process as easy and trouble-free as possible. We do this by having a dedicated global team and in-house test centre facilities in both Europe and Asia. 

Dedicated certification team

We aim to add value to our customers' business. We do this by optimising value chains and creating trouble-free certification processes.

Our global team works with certifications every single day. The team works with rules and regulations, and with how we can create the best processes. In this way, we can support all kinds of certifications.


Classification at Hoyer


Marine classifications

After many years of cooperation with the major classification societies, we have built up good partnerships within the marine industry. We work closely together and have an ongoing dialogue with them.

Industrial certifications

In industry, safety and energy regulations exist to ensure compliance with national requirements. Here you will find the various certifications and energy labels we have in our portfolio.

Product certifications

In the global market, product certifications play a crucial role in ensuring quality and compliance with the specified standards and regulations. Product certificates are issued by a notified body.

Company certifications and policies

To ensure the best quality, it is essential that the entire company works together.

This is ensured through our management systems and internal policies. 

Declarations of conformity

A declaration of conformity is a document confirming the conformity of the product with specific standards, regulations or directives. It acts as an official declaration from the manufacturer.

Test centres

Read more about our in-house test centres and our testing work here.