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Buildings & Infrastructure

The construction and infrastructure industry is under constant pressure to cut down its energy consumption and increase performance. At the same time, operating and installation costs must be kept to a minimum. Ventilation units and pumps must therefore be able to be controlled precisely and efficiently, and the motors must be energy optimised down to the smallest detail.

Efficient management of water and wastewater systems is essential for the industry, and this requires global OEM manufacturers to deliver proven products to meet customer expectations.

Typical applications

Electric motors find wide applications in construction and infrastructure. They run lifts, escalators and conveyor belts for efficient transport in buildings. Motors drive HVAC systems that provide temperature control and ventilation. They also operate water pumps for reliable water supply in plumbing and firefighting systems. 

With their versatility and reliability, electric motors play a crucial role in ensuring trouble-free operation and optimal comfort in construction and infrastructure projects.

For decades, Hoyer has refined our electric motors so that we can now offer products of the highest energy class. Through our long-standing cooperation with OEM applications manufacturers for buildings, infrastructure and other types of industry, we have gained a deep and comprehensive insight into the requirements and challenges our customers face.  

We also offer installation of frequency converters and are able to deliver a complete range of pump motors of the highest quality with a short delivery time.


Related products

IE4 motors

IE4 motors are typically used in industrial applications where motors are in continuous operation, such as pumps, fans, compressors and conveying systems.

IE3 motors

IE3 motors are designed to reduce energy losses and optimise performance, which makes them a popular choice in various industrial applications.

Brake motors

Brake motors are used in applications where controlled stopping or holding of loads is required. They can be found in lifts, cranes, hoists and transport systems.

Drives & Controls

In many cases, the use of frequency converters can contribute to increased energy efficiency.

Read more about the different possibilities here.


Hoyer meets all industrial standards. Our motors are designed to meet all efficiency demands across markets, giving global OEMs many opportunities to optimise the supply chain and save energy.

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After Sales

At Hoyer, we understand the importance of providing outstanding service and support to our customers, even after the products have been sold.

Our after sales approach is deeply rooted in our core values of building long-term and valuable partnerships with global OEMs in the industry. This helps prevent downtime and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

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