IE2 electric motors

Hoyer's IE2 electric motors are used for a wide range of applications in both marine and diverse industries. Both IE2 marine motors and IE2 industrial motors come with extensive documentation and results that mean the design is approved and certified by all major class societies.

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Certified by all major classification societies
Heat bands from size 160
Colour RAL 9005 low gloss
C45 shaft steel
Tropical insulation around windings
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Certified by all major classification societies
Heat bands from size 160
Colour RAL 9005 low gloss
C45 shaft steel
Tropical insulation around windings




0.75-1800 kW

IP class


Insulation class


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Hoyer's Range of IE2 Motors

Hoyer Motors' IE2 motor range are designed with a focus on durability and consistent performance, making them ideal for a variety of applications where cost-effectiveness is a key consideration.

Our IE2 electric motors are characterised by their sturdy construction, ensuring longevity even in demanding operational environments. The IE2 range are electric motors particularly noted for its versatility, being well-suited for applications that do not require the highest efficiency levels but still demand quality and reliability.

The cost-effectiveness of these motors makes them an attractive option for businesses looking to balance initial investment with operational efficiency.

IE2 electric motors are compatible with a range of industrial applications which meet a diverse range of industry needs, providing a reliable motor solution that doesn't compromise on quality.

Key considerations when selecting an IE2 electric motor

Selecting the right IE2 motor involves considering several key factors to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

First, the operational environment is crucial. Our IE2 motors are designed to perform reliably in various settings, but understanding the specific conditions of your application is essential.

Load requirements are another critical aspect, as these motors are optimised for certain load profiles. It's important to match the motor's capabilities with the operational demands it will face.

Additionally, while IE2 motors offer good energy efficiency, understanding your specific energy efficiency needs is vital. This includes considering the balance between initial cost and long-term energy savings.

Aligning these factors with your application's demands ensures that the selected IE2 motor not only meets but exceeds performance expectations.

Technical information

Hoyer IE2 motors are manufactured according to the efficiency class system specified under IEC 60034-30 and are installed in many different industries across the globe.

The motors are asynchronous, low voltage three-phase TEFC motors. Type HMA2 (aluminium) size 56-132 and HMC2 (cast iron) size 160-400. All motors have 3xPTC in windings.

All motors are supplied with SKF or similar premium bearings. Motors in size 56-180 have closed bearings greased for life. 

All Hoyer IE2 motors have a locked bearing in the drive end as standard.

All IE2 motors are IP55 as standard and painted with RAL 9005 low gloss.

400 V Y – Hoyer IE3 motors ≤ 3 kW
400 V D – Hoyer IE4 motors ≥ 3 kW

IE2 Marine Motors

Hoyer IE2 marine motors are used for a wide range of maritime applications. With a proven track record and performance the design is approved and certified by all major class societies.

Understanding the efficiency class IE2

IE2 motors, classified as 'High Efficiency' under international standards, represent a significant step up from the standard-efficiency IE1 class. These motors are engineered to provide improved energy efficiency while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

The technical design of IE2 motors includes optimised electromagnetic circuits, reduced electrical losses, and improved cooling mechanisms. This efficiency class is particularly suitable for applications where energy savings are desired, but the highest efficiency levels of IE3 motors or IE4 motors, the most energy efficient IE-motors, are not necessary or cost-effective.

IE2 motors fit into a niche where they offer a balance between performance and energy consumption, making them a viable option for many industrial applications. When compared to IE3 and IE4 motors, IE2 motors provide a more economical solution while still delivering on efficiency and performance, making them an ideal choice for certain operational contexts.

Why choose IE2 motors for marine applications?

IE2 motors are particularly well-suited for marine applications, where durability and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Hoyer Motors' IE2 marine motors are engineered to withstand the challenging conditions of marine environments, including exposure to saltwater and varying temperatures.

Their robust construction ensures long-term reliability, a critical factor in marine operations where motor failure can have significant consequences. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of IE2 motors makes them an attractive option for marine applications, where budget constraints are often a consideration.

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