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Wind and renewable energy

With increasing global demand for renewable energy and growing awareness when it comes to sustainability, the wind industry market is more dynamic than ever.

This creates a need for innovative and customised solutions that operate onshore and offshore wind turbines efficiently and at the same time contribute to a greener future.

Typical applications

Hoyer electric motors are an integral part of the wind industry and drive essential components in wind turbines. The motors are used in the pitch control systems, where they adjust the angle of the turbine blades for optimal performance in different wind conditions. They are also used in yaw drive systems, where they allow the turbine to rotate and face the wind direction.

Electric motors in the wind industry contribute to the efficient and reliable production of renewable energy and utilise the power of wind to generate electricity on a large scale.

Wind turbine motors: powering renewable energy

Wind turbine motors are pivotal in harnessing renewable energy, playing a crucial role in the global shift towards sustainable power sources. Electric motors, designed for optimal performance and durability, are key to the efficiency and effectiveness of wind turbines.

The role of motors in wind turbine efficiency

The efficiency of wind turbines is heavily dependent on the performance of their motors. The motor's ability to convert wind energy into electrical power effectively is crucial.

Factors such as torque control, speed variability, and energy conversion efficiency directly impact the overall efficiency of the turbine.

Approach to the market

Hoyer's approach to the wind and renewable energy market is defined by a focus on selected niches, especially in hydraulic and cooling applications for on- and offshore wind turbines.

The Hoyer motors for wind turbine applications are designed to meet the challenge of combining customised solutions and product consistency while maintaining a competitive setup with on-time deliveries.

Access to maintenance is often a challenge in the wind industry and our wind turbine motors are therefore resistant to the harsh environments such as high humidity, corrosive salts and ever-changing temperatures. The demands are met by adding special surface treatments and paint systems according to the specified needs and service life in each project.

The motors are mechanical constructed to handle the vibrations present in wind turbines and are furthermore electrical equipped with special windings to handle the demanding grid requirements.

We offer product expertise combined with extensive market insight, and this is supported by a unique supply chain in Europe, Asia and the US.

Wind and renewable energy

Selecting the right motor for your industry needs

Choosing the right motor for a wind turbine is a critical decision that impacts the performance and efficiency of your business. At Hoyer, we offer expert guidance in selecting motors that best suit specific industry needs.

Factors to consider include the size of the turbine, the expected power output, and the environmental conditions of the installation site.

Our range of motors

Whether for small-scale installations or large wind farms, we deliver solutions that maximise energy production and contribute to sustainable energy goals.

Our range of wind turbine motors caters to various requirements, ensuring that each motor provides optimal performance.

If your industry requires other types of energy efficient motors, such as the IE4 motor which offers Super Premium Efficiency, we have solutions that covers your needs. We can also provide explosion proof motors for operations in hazardous areas.

Design and technology of Hoyer's wind turbine motors

Our wind turbine motors are a product of advanced design and cutting-edge technology. These motors are built to withstand the harsh conditions typical of wind turbine applications, such as high winds and variable temperatures.

Key design features include robust construction, advanced cooling systems, and materials capable of enduring constant stress.

The technological advancements in these motors, such as improved electromagnetic designs and high-efficiency components, contribute significantly to their reliability and performance in generating renewable energy.

Related products

IE4 electric motors

By choosing IE4 motors, you can achieve significant energy savings, lower operating costs and make a significant contribution to a greener future.

Frequency converters (VFD)

We offer combined motor and VFD solutions that match your market, application and project requirements.

Integrated VFD solutions

Integrated VFD solutions are cost-effective and easy to install. The units are assembled on demand and the customised possibilities are endless.

Smart motor sensors

Hoyer Smart Motor Sensors detect deviations and defects in motors, so maintenance can be predicted and unplanned downtime avoided.

Cases and references

Test centres

At Hoyer, we are aware that the wind industry is a market with high demands on quality and safety. 

Hoyer's own test centres in Europe and Asia guarantee fast, flexible and efficient delivery of our solutions. We are able to supply all necessary test data to ensure optimal quality assurance of the products. 

After Sales

At Hoyer Motors, after sales services are tailored to provide optimal service to all our customers in the wind industry and minimise downtime.

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