World Efficiency Motors

Hoyer World Efficiency Motors are designed to meet various efficiency requirements across markets. The range offers great opportunities for global OEM's in pursuit of supply chain optimisations as well as energy savings.

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Nema Premium, IE3, CEL grade 2
NEMA Premium and IE3 data on name plates
UL/CSA Recognised
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"Open deck" design

Frame size



0.75 - 315 kW


Nema Premium, IE3, CEL grade 2


CE, UL, CSA, Nema Premium, CEL, EAC

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Technical information

The design is based on our successful IE3 range and has a proven high quality, reliability and performance.

The motors are asynchronous low voltage three-phase TEFC squirrel-cage motors. Type HMA3 (aluminum) size 80-132 and HMC3 (cast iron) size 160-355. All cast iron and aluminium motors are provided with SKF or similar premium quality bearings and 3xPTC in windings. Motors in size 80-180 have closed bearings greased for life. As standard all Hoyer World Efficiency motors have fixed bearing in drive end.

All World Efficiency Motors are provided with blind caps in all supply connections and are as standard IP55, prepared for drain holes and painted C3L according to ISO 12944-5:2018 in color RAL 9005, low gloss.

Hoyer World Efficiency Motors are designed according IEC standard sizes as standard and are UL/CSA approved. Read more in our Guide to North American certifications.

Market approvals

Hoyer World Efficiency Motors are developed to fulfill the demands of several efficiency class systems in one motor.

GEMS/IE3: Australia and New Zealand  |  CCC/IE3: China  |  CEL grade 2/IE3: China  |  CE: EU and EEA  |  IEC Ecodesign/IE3: EU and EEA  |  JIS/IE3: Japan  |  KEMCO/IE3: Korea  |  NEMA Premium: North America  |  UL & CSA: North America  |  EAC: Russia and EACU

Name plates

All World Efficiency Motors are equipped with dual nameplates. Further an additional set of nameplates are supplied with all motors for flexible installation according to application design.

Have you considered IE4?

IE4 motors from Hoyer are defined by high energy efficiency, which offers great opportunities for energy savings.

Hoyer distributor network

In close cooperation with our distributors, we offer the best possible after sales solutions. Find our distributor network here. 

Product News

With the launch of the World Efficiency Motor, Hoyer Motors offers great opportunities for global OEM's.

Application information

The World Efficiency Motors are used across industries and niches where energy efficient solutions are required. Typical areas of use include: Fans and HVAC, hydraulics, pumps and wind turbines. 


With the World Efficiency Motors, we have made it easy for you to use the same motor design for multiple markets. In our certificate section you will find all the documentation you need.