Explosion proof motors

When operating in hazardous areas, there is often a demand for special motors like the explosion proof motors from Hoyer.

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3xPTC in windings
Locked bearing in drive end
Colour RAL 9005 low gloss

Safety and efficiency with an explosion proof motor

In industries where the margin for error is razor-thin, explosion proof motors stand as a testament to the fusion of safety and efficiency. These motors, designed for high-risk environments, are not just about power; they're about ensuring operations continue seamlessly even in the face of potential hazards.

Hoyer, with a legacy of meticulous engineering, has been at the forefront of this niche, crafting motors that not only align with but often exceed, industry safety standards. Our portfolio, rich with a variety of motors tailored for different applications, underscores our commitment to technical precision.

Hoyer EX AT/HMCX-motorer
(Zone 1 & 2)


0.09-500 kW

Hoyer EX HMA/HMC-Motorer
(Zone 2 / 22)



ATEX (Directive 2014/34/EU)

EX II 2G Ex db IIC T3/6 Gb
EX II 2G Ex db eb IIC T3/6 Gb
EX II 2G Ex eb IIC T3/T4 Gb

EX II 2G Ex db eb IIB/IIC T4/T5 Gb
EX II 2G Ex db IIB/IIC T4/T5 Gb

EX II 3D Ex tc IIIB T120°C Dc
EX II 3G Ex ec IIC T3 Gc

EX protection class, IECEx

Ex db IIC T3/6 Gb
Ex db eb IIC T3/6 Gb
Ex eb IIC T3/T4 Gb

Ex db eb IIB/IIC T4/T5 Gb
Ex db IIB/IIC T4/T5 Gb

Ex tc IIIB T120°C Dc
Ex ec IIC T3 Gc

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Defining the "explosion proof"

The term "explosion proof" is not merely a label; it's a promise.

At its core, an explosion proof motor is designed to prevent internal sparks or explosions from causing a larger blast. This is achieved through robust construction, specialized materials, and intricate design elements that contain and quench sparks.

Beyond design, these motors undergo rigorous testing, ensuring they meet international safety certifications. Whether it's the IECEx or ATEX standards, these certifications are a testament to the motor's resilience and reliability in hazardous conditions.

In adhering to the ATEX directive, a regulation from the European Union, Hoyer not only ensures compliance but also underscores our commitment to the safety of our customers and their operations. Each Hoyer motor destined for use in explosive atmospheres is meticulously engineered to meet or exceed ATEX standards.

Achieving explosion proof standards

  • Robust Construction: Built with high-grade materials to withstand intense pressures and prevent internal sparks from escaping.
  • Intricate Design Elements: Engineered features that contain and quench potential sparks, ensuring they don't ignite volatile substances in the surrounding environment.
  • Specialized Enclosures: Designed to contain an explosion within the motor and prevent it from spreading to the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Rigorous Testing: Each motor undergoes stringent testing to ensure it meets and often exceeds international safety certifications like IECEx or ATEX standards.
  • Temperature Regulation: Advanced cooling systems prevent overheating, reducing the risk of ignition in high-temperature environments.
  • Sealed Components: Critical components are sealed to prevent the ingress of potentially explosive external atmospheres.
  • Continuous R&D: Our commitment to research ensures that our motors are always at the forefront of safety and technological advancements.

Technical information

Our explosion proof motors are designed according to IEC 60079-0, 60079-1, 60079-7 and 60079-31. They are characterised by high material quality, a robust design and bearings greased for life. 

The motors are low voltage three-phase TEFC motors, and designed in protection enclosure "db". They can be used in zone 1 and 2 in potentially explosive atmospheres in all industries except mining. Hazardous zones exist in industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical production, refineries, offshore platforms and tankers.

Motor series 5AT in aluminium and 7AT in cast iron are certified in conformity with the latest editions of ATEX and IECEx rules and certified by CESI.

All our explosion proof motors in series 5AT and 7AT have the highest explosion group IIC, temperature class T4 at ambient temperatures from -20 to +60 °C.

The industrial imperative for explosion proof electric motors

Certain sectors, like petrochemical processing and offshore drilling, operate in environments where volatile substances are commonplace. In such settings, the use of explosion proof motors isn't a luxury; it's a non-negotiable requirement.

The absence of these specialized motors can lead to catastrophic events, jeopardizing both human lives and infrastructure. Thus, ensuring the integration of explosion proof electric motors in your industry becomes an industrial imperative for safety and operational continuity.

Criteria for selecting an optimal explosion proof motor

Selecting the right explosion proof motor goes beyond just power ratings. It's about understanding the specific hazardous environment, assessing energy consumption metrics, and ensuring the motor's design aligns with the application's demands.

Factors like temperature resistance, enclosure type, and certification standards play a pivotal role. With Hoyer Motors, industries are not just investing in a product; they're partnering with a seasoned manufacturer that brings decades of expertise, ensuring that the chosen motor aligns perfectly with the unique requirements of the task at hand.

Have you considered IE3?

IE3 motors from Hoyer are defined by higher energy efficiency than both IE1 and IE2 motors, which offers better opportunities for energy savings.

Have you considered IE4?

IE4 motors from Hoyer are defined by the highest energy efficiency, which offers great opportunities for energy savings.

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