Data Protection Policy

In the following you can read Hoyer’s policy for processing personal data which you submit when you visit Hoyer’s website and use the various services on the website.

Hoyer’s collection of your personal data

We collect the personal data which you submit on Hoyer’s website or to which you give your consent.

When is data collected?

When you visit and the underlying language labels, you will be informed that your personal data is being collected. When you use services on Hoyer’s website – such as asking Hoyer to contact you, subscribing to our newsletter or applying for a job – you are required to submit certain personal information.

What data is collected?

Examples of the personal data that Hoyer collects are your name, e-mail address, business address, job title and similar identifying details. Other data is collected whenever you visit

For what purposes is data collected?

Hoyer collects your personal data to be able to process your application or provide a particular service to you, as well as to send newsletters and other information about our company and services that you have signed up for or requested. Hoyer also collects your personal data for use with internal market surveys, targeted marketing and statistics. You will only receive e-mails or other notifications from us if you request them. You may at any time in the future state that you no longer wish to receive communications from us.

Hoyer’s disclosure of your personal data

Your personal data is disclosed to companies belonging to Hoyer, including subsidiaries. Your personal data will not be otherwise disclosed externally without your consent, unless required by law. At Hoyer we neither use nor pass on your personal data for marketing purposes, unless you have requested such and agreed to such.

Hoyer may also pass on your personal data to official bodies or other parties to the extent that this is required by current law or Hoyer is ordered to disclose such data by a competent court.

Processing by a third party

Hoyer may opt to use a data processor, including providers of software, website hosting, social and professional media, backup, security and storage. Your personal data will therefore be transferred to third parties instructed by Hoyer to process your personal data on Hoyer’s behalf. Data processors only process your personal data for the specific purposes for which the data was collected.

Your personal data may be transferred to other countries outside the EU/EEA, as well as countries not governed by laws requiring special protection of personal data.

Hoyer obligates these data processors to process your personal data confidentially and to put in place the necessary technical and organisational security precautions to prevent data from being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or impaired, or from coming to the knowledge of unauthorised parties, misused or otherwise processed in contravention of data privacy law.

Storage of personal data

Hoyer only stores your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which your personal data was collected.

Protection of your personal data

Hoyer strives to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data to the best of its efforts. Hoyer has implemented security precautions in this regard.

Your right to access the data processed by Hoyer

You have the right to access what personal data Hoyer processes about you. You can at all times object to the collection and further processing of your personal data.

Hoyer’s use of cookies

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored by the browser on your computer when you visit the website. Cookies make it possible to collect information about your online activity, including which pages and functions are visited by your browser, and to ensure the technical function of the site.

A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect data on your computer, spread computer viruses or other harmful programs. It is anonymous and does not contain personal data. Cookies are used by the majority of websites.

Hoyer uses cookies, among other things, to improve the customer experience on and to evaluate the website’s performance and traffic.

Correction or deletion of your personal data

If you want Hoyer to delete the personal data that Hoyer has collected about you, or you do not want to receive any more correspondence from us, you can send us a request.

Regulations and laws

The regulations that govern how Hoyer processes your personal data are set out in the Act on Processing of Personal Data.

Data controller

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