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Petrochemical production requires uncompromising safety and full control of all processes. Typically, production takes place in demanding environments that increase the need for robust and well protected applications. Therefore, manufacturers of applications for chemical plants and other chemical companies need electric motors that can meet the highest standards in quality, safety and documentation.

Dangerous environments often require the use of explosion proof motors, which must also be able to deliver high performance and low energy consumption.

Typical applications

Electric motors play a crucial role in the petrochemical industry and operate various applications that are essential for processing and production.

The motors are used in liquid transfer pumps, gas handling compressors, mixers for mixing processes and fans for ventilation and cooling. They also operate various equipment such as crushers, conveyors and extruders in petrochemical manufacturing.

Hoyer electric motors provide reliable and efficient power solutions that enable the petrochemical industry to operate smoothly, efficiently and safely.

At Hoyer, we have decades of experience as a motor supplier to demanding industries with a strong focus on safety and documentation. With a complete ATEX range, production in Europe, wide range of low voltage motors and frequency converters, we can cater for all the needs of the petrochemical industry.

We are always in control of documentation and certifications, and our experienced experts are ready to provide special customer-specific solutions.


Related products

EX motors

When operating in hazardous areas, there is often a demand for special motors like the explosion proof motors from Hoyer. Hoyer explosion proof motors are used within a wide variety of potentially explosive environments and industrial applications.

Frequency converters (VFD)

Frequency converters (VFDs) allow precise control of motor speed and torque, making them suitable for applications where variable speed operation is required. Frequency converters are used in pumps, compressors and other equipment that requires adjustable speed and energy savings.

Test centres

Hoyer's own test centres in Europe and Asia guarantee fast, flexible and efficient certification of our solutions to our customers in the sector. We are able to supply all necessary test data to ensure optimal quality assurance of the products. 


At Hoyer, we know the requirements for industrial type approvals from local authorities and certification bodies and can ensure that our customers' applications meet all relevant requirements.

After Sales

Hoyer's global after sales services are geared to provide optimal service to our customers in the petrochemical industry.

Our strong network of distributors and agents can deliver at extremely short notice to minimise breakdowns and disruptions.

We are present on the main online portals that facilitate contact between suppliers, distributors and end customers.

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