IE4 electric motors

IE4 electric motors from Hoyer are defined by high energy efficiency. This provides opportunities for large energy savings across markets and applications.

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Stainless steel name plate
3xPTC in windings
Locked bearing in drive end
C3L paint RAL 9005

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0.75-315 kW

IP class


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Hoyer's range of IE4 motors

IE4 electric motors represent the pinnacle of energy efficiency in the electric motor industry.

At Hoyer, we offer IE4 motors that stand out for their exceptional energy-saving capabilities. Our range of IE4 geared motors is a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency. These motors are designed to cater to a diverse array of applications, offering versatility without compromising on performance.

Each motor in this range is engineered to deliver optimal energy efficiency, ensuring that every operation, regardless of its scale or complexity, benefits from the advanced technology of IE4 motors. This adaptability makes Hoyer's IE4 motors a preferred choice for various industrial needs.


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Key factors to consider when selecting an IE4 motor

Selecting an IE4 motor requires a detailed understanding of your application's demands. Key considerations include the operational duty cycle: IE4 motors excel in continuous, high-load environments. Ensure the motor's power rating and speed align with your application's requirements.

Further, compatibility with control systems, especially advanced VFDs, is essential for maximizing efficiency gains.

Environmental factors, such as ambient temperature and humidity, also play a crucial role in motor performance and longevity and should be considered when selecting your IE4 electric motor.

Finally, consider the long-term energy savings and sustainability benefits, as IE4 motors are designed for superior energy efficiency, aligning with both economic and environmental objectives of modern industries.

Technical information

Hoyer AC IE4 electric motors are manufactured according to the efficiency class system specified under IEC 60034-30. Their high quality, reliability and performance are well documented.

The motors are asynchronous, low voltage three-phase TEFC motors. Type HMA4 (aluminium) size 80-180 and HMC4 (cast iron) size 160-355. All cast iron and aluminium motors are equipped with quality bearings and 3xPTC in windings. Motors in size 80-200 have closed bearings greased for life. All Hoyer IE4 motors have a locked bearing in the drive end as standard.

All IE4 motors are provided with blind caps in all supply connections and are IP55 as standard, prepared for drain holes and painted C3L according to ISO 12944-5:2018 in colour RAL 9005 low gloss.

230 VD / 400 VY – Hoyer IE4 motors ≤ 3 kW
400 VD / 690 VY – Hoyer IE4 motors ≥ 3 kW

Other voltages are supplied on request.

What are the benefits of IE4 electric motors?

Opting for an IE4 motor from Hoyer means choosing a path of superior energy efficiency and operational excellence for your industry needs. These motors offer:

  • Significant energy savings: With their super-premium efficiency, IE4 motors reduce energy consumption, leading to substantial cost savings over time.
  • Reduced environmental impact: By consuming less power, these motors contribute to a lower carbon footprint, aiding in achieving sustainability goals.
  • Versatility in applications: Whether it's manufacturing, processing, or any other industrial application, IE4 motors deliver consistent performance.
  • Long-term cost benefits: The initial investment in an IE4 motor is offset by its long-term savings and reduced maintenance needs.

Hoyer's IE4 motors are a commitment to a sustainable, cost-effective future.

Compliance with EU standards

IE4 motors align with international energy efficiency regulations, ensuring compliance, quality and future-proofing operations.

The European Union has set forth new regulatory standards, elevating the efficiency requirements for electric motors. Specifically, motors with power ratings of 75 kW and 200 kW are now mandated to meet the IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency) standard.

This move is part of the EU's broader initiative to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The adoption of IE4 motors in this power range reflects a significant step towards more sustainable industrial practices.

Energy efficiency and MEPS

Energy efficiency is a key focus area in relation to CO2 emissions and industrial pollution in general. Across borders, legislation is coming into force to improve the efficiency of electric motors - often called MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards). European MEPS is related to the Ecodesign directive, and Hoyer IE4 naturally meets all future requirements.

From 1 July 2023, all electric motors between 75-200 kW that are put into service in land-based industrial applications within the EU/EEA must be IE4 or higher. At Hoyer Motors, we are ready to support you in your efforts to improve energy efficiency.

What sets IE4 motors apart from other electric motors?

IE4 motors are distinguished by their super-premium efficiency, a leap forward in the electric motor industry. These motors are designed to meet the most stringent energy efficiency standards, setting a new benchmark in the field.

Compared to our IE3 electric motors, which have premium efficiency, the IE4 motors are the top class of electric motors. Our IE4 motors not only meet but often exceed global efficiency standards, making them an ideal choice for forward-thinking industries.

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