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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is an important and key supplier of energy and fuel worldwide. However, the growing demand for renewable energy is putting the industry under pressure to minimise environmental impacts and increase efficiency.

Most processes in the oil and gas industry are complex and applications are exposed to hazardous environments. This requires durable applications, stricter documentation and a high level of safety.

Typical applications

Electric motors play a vital role in the oil and gas industry.

Compressors driven by electric motors provide the necessary pressure for gas transport and processing. Electric motors also drive gas pumps, enabling efficient extraction and transfer of oil and gas. Winches powered by electric motors are used to lift heavy items and facilitate various rigging operations. In addition, offshore cranes rely on electric motors to handle equipment and materials with precision and safety.

These electric motor applications ensure trouble-free operation, productivity and safety in the dynamic oil and gas industry.

As a long-standing supplier to the marine sector and other demanding industries, Hoyer has a great understanding of the challenges associated with the production and distribution of oil and gas.

Our expertise lies in specialised niche segments such as LNG and LPG ships, semi-subs, FPSOs and a wide range of supply ships. In addition, we have a clearly defined focus on upstream production and innovative solutions within the sector.

Related products

IE4 motors

By choosing IE4 motors, you can achieve significant energy savings, lower operating costs and make a significant contribution to a greener future.

IE3 electric motors

IE3 motors are designed to reduce energy loss and optimise performance, making them a popular choice in a variety of applications. 

Brake motors

The Hoyer marine brake motor is designed specifically for demanding marine and offshore applications.

Explosion Proof Motors

When operating in hazardous areas, there is often a demand for special motors like the explosion proof motors from Hoyer.

Test centres

At Hoyer, we are aware that the oil and gas industry is a market with high demands on quality and safety. We have therefore introduced an additional FAT test stage, which ensures verification of the product in cooperation with our customers.


Correct and comprehensive documentation is usually a mandatory requirement in the oil and gas industry. 

Cases and references

After Sales

Hoyer's global after sales services are geared to provide optimal service to our customers in the oil and gas industry.

Our strong network of distributors and agents can deliver at extremely short notice to minimise breakdowns and disruptions.

We are present on the main online portals that facilitate contact between suppliers, distributors and end customers.

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