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Water and Wastewater

All over the world, electric motors are used for pumping stations and water treatment plants, which provide clean drinking water for billions of people and contribute to the safe and environmentally sound management of wastewater.

The water and wastewater industry needs energy efficient, reliable and optimised applications that can save energy, reduce water waste and minimise operational disruption.

Typical applications

Hoyer electric motors play an important role in the water and wastewater industry and operate essential equipment for various applications. Hoyer electric motors are used in pumps for water supply and distribution, wastewater treatment processes and sewage systems.

Electric motors help maintain water quality, facilitate efficient water and wastewater management and ensure the proper functioning of water treatment and distribution systems.

For many years, Hoyer has delivered high quality electric motors to the water and wastewater industry. We can ensure fast and reliable delivery of solutions at a high technical level, contribute to product innovation and cooperate with leading OEM manufacturers of pumps, mixers, aerators and reverse osmosis systems.  

Our electric motors can be directly combined with sensors and frequency converters, allowing for precise control, more compact applications and the collection of data such as temperature and water pressure.

Related products

IE4 electric motors

By choosing IE4 motors for your industrial applications, you can achieve significant energy savings, lower operating costs and make a significant contribution to a greener future.

Integrated VFD motors

Integrated VFD solutions are cost-effective and easy to install. The units are assembled on demand and the customised possibilities are endless.

Frequency converters (VFD)

We offer combined motor and VFD solutions that match your market, application and project requirements.

Smart motor sensors

Hoyer Smart Motor Sensors detect deviations and defects in motors, so maintenance can be predicted and unplanned downtime avoided.


At Hoyer, we know the requirements for industrial type approvals from local authorities and certification bodies and can ensure that our customers' applications meet all relevant requirements.

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After Sales

Hoyer's global after sales services are geared to provide optimal service to our customers in the water and wastewater industry.

Our strong network of distributors and agents can deliver at extremely short notice to minimise breakdowns and disruptions.

We are present on the main online portals that facilitate contact between suppliers, distributors and end customers.

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