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Agriculture & Food

Farmers and food producers are seeing an increased focus on energy saving and efficiency. This requires motors, pumps and ventilation systems designed to minimise energy consumption and optimise operational efficiency. At the same time, we are seeing increasing automation of ventilation systems in stables and production facilities to maintain optimal conditions for animal health and productivity.

Applications such as pumps, ventilation systems, irrigation systems and feeders play an important role in maintaining sanitary conditions in stables and ensuring that food production meets strict standards.

Typical applications

Electric motors play a vital role in the modern agriculture and food industry.

They are used in applications such as irrigation systems, grain handling and transport, ventilation and feeding systems in livestock farms and to drive various machines in food processing, ensuring a smooth production and packaging process. 

Hoyer works closely with a wide range of industrial players and develops customised solutions that meet the industry's unique needs. Our products are developed with a focus on efficiency, durability and hygiene to ensure high performance and food safety. 

We have the largest selection of energy efficient pumps and ventilation systems in the Nordics, which can be delivered directly from our warehouse at short notice. Around the clock.

Agriculture and food

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IE4 motors

IE4 motors are typically used in industrial applications where motors are in continuous operation, such as pumps, fans, compressors and transport systems.

IE3 electric motors

IE3 motors are designed to reduce energy loss and optimise performance, making them a popular choice in various industrial applications. 

Integrated VFD solutions

Integrated VFD solutions are cost-effective and easy to install. The units are assembled on demand and the customised possibilities are endless.

Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor

Hoyer Smart Motor Sensors detect deviations and defects in motors, so maintenance can be predicted and unplanned downtime avoided.


Correct and comprehensive documentation is a mandatory requirement in the agriculture and food industries.

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After Sales

At Hoyer, we understand the importance of providing outstanding service and support to our customers, even after the products have been sold.

Our after sales approach is deeply rooted in our core values of building long-term and valuable partnerships with global OEMs in the industry. This helps prevent downtime and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

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