Finnlines' upcoming Ro-Pax flagships set new standards

Two new Ro-Pax hybrid vessels raise the bar for freight, passenger traffic and environmentally friendly sailing. The ventilation in the ships' engine rooms and freight areas is manufactured by Ilmed, Hoyer's Italian partner and designed for maximum energy efficiency under changing conditions.

To meet the customers’ demands for efficient freight, comfortable travelling and eco-friendly transport, Finnlines has ordered two new “superstar” Ro-Pax ships from China Merchant’s Jinling Shipyard.

The two hybrid ferries are capable of accommodating 5,100 rail metres of vehicles and 1,100 passengers and are intended to serve as the shipping company’s new flagships on the route between Finland and Sweden from 2023. Passengers will also be able to enjoy the journey through the scenic archipelago from the spacious outdoor areas.

New standards

The two new Ro-Pax ships will help to set new standards for the environment and efficiency.
Both lighting and ventilation are specially designed to optimise energy efficiency in all possible conditions. And when the ships are in port, land-to-shore power plants ensure that no pollution is emitted from the funnels.

Finnlines has also optimised the processes for handling goods, so that loading and unloading take place much more efficiently, which reduces the environmental impact when the ships are in port. The improvements also mean that together, the new ships increase the cargo capacity by 40 per cent compared to the ones currently sailing the route.

Robust Italian ventilation systems

Parts of the ships’ HVAC systems are supplied by the Italian company Ilmed Ventilazione Industriale Srl (IVI Srl), specialists in high-performance ventilation for marine use. Ilmed has designed ventilation for the cargo holds and engine rooms for many ships where airflow and pressure must function perfectly. To drive the ventilation system’s axial ventilators, Ilmed has used 50 Hoyer marine motors on each ship.

− Ilmed has extensive experience in designing ventilation for those areas of a ship which require extra robust applications, such as engine compartments, cargo spaces and passenger areas. For these two ships, we have supplied explosion-proof motors from our new Ex range for marine use as well as energy-efficient IE3 motors. Even though IE3 is not a legal requirement for this project, optimising energy efficiency was a clear demand from the customer, says Adam Slupinski, Segment Manager – HVAC at Hoyer.

Asian supply chain

The HVAC installations are manufactured at Ilmed’s Italian facilities. But both Ilmed and Hoyer are aware of the importance of the Chinese marine production market and both companies are present in China. It can therefore be envisaged that future Hoyer projects, with Ilmed and other European OEMs, can be settled locally.

– The Chinese shipyards account for a large part of global ship production, and as our new Ex line is produced in China, it will be natural to take advantage of the opportunity to gather all production close to the end customers. This will bring significant advantages in terms of faster delivery, increased flexibility and reduced environmental impact from transport, says Adam Slupinski.

Facts about new RoPax ships

  • Built for the Finnish shipping company Finnlines
  • Yard: China Merchants Jinling Shipyard in Weihei, China
  • Route: Finland-Sweden
  • Passenger capacity: 1,100 passengers.
  • Freight capacity: 5,100 lane metres, equivalent to 250 trucks.
  • Dimensions: 235 metres long and 33.3 metres wide
  • GT: 68,460
  • Maximum speed: 20.5 knots

About Hoyer Ex Motor Range

The explosion proof Ex-marine motor range is designed for applications in explosive marine environments. Ex-motors are characterised by high quality and a proven, robust design according to international standards. All motors in the series are supplied with easy access to the necessary documentation.

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