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November 12 – 2020

Guide: Why proper cooling is important

Like in many other situations in life, the right level of cool can mean the difference between keeping things running smoothly and suffering a heat-in...

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November 4 – 2020

IE4 motors – Premium efficiency now in stock

From October 2020 premium efficiency IE4 motors have been part of the stand...

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October 23 – 2020

Hoyer Motors strengthens its cooperation with DNV GL

On October 16 2020 an extended partnership agreement was officially signed ...

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October 19 – 2020

Product news: World Efficiency Motors

With the launch of the World Efficiency Motor, Hoyer Motors offers great op...

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September 11 – 2020

Guide: Getting started with VFD's

Increased energy efficiency and more precise control of speed and torque ar...

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September 10 – 2020

All motors on deck: It takes tough deck machinery to survive the salty seas

From cargo cranes to mooring winches, deck machinery plays a key role on sh...

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June 30 – 2020

Updated energy requirements for electric motors on the way

On 1 January 2021, the EU will extend the Ecodesign rules to include new an...

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June 29 – 2020

Hoyer's distributor network is still growing

Technical know-how, large warehouses and rapid response times are some of t...

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April 28 – 2020

Durable Japanese deck cranes in high demand

When Japanese and international shipbuilders demand the best in cargo handl...

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April 28 – 2020

Information concerning Asian and European activities – update April 28

Hoyer Group activities are normalising and operations continue to improve.

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April 24 – 2020

Hoyer Group with new record results in 2019

Hoyer Group continues the growth after the 2018 record year and is on track...

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