Oil and Gas

Despite having been in the motor industry for many years, we recognize that we are still quite new in class, when it comes to the O&G industry. However, we see this as an advantage as it allows us to challenge our customers' approach to electric motors and generate new solutions in collaboration with them.


Our motors are installed in applications used in the entire supply chain within Oil & Gas – from supply vessels to rigs and refineries.

Hoyer O&G Approach

Customer Experience

"On-time deliveries means that we do not lose money on penalties. If our products are delayed, we risk penalties of 10 % of the project amount, which is always critical. This is why it’s essential that we can always depend on Hoyer’s delivery time."

Procurement Manager, O&G Equipment Customer

"Hoyer has a proactive will to help with customisation of motors. If the modification is possible, we can trust that Hoyer will make it happen - and they do it fast. That is something we do not experience very often."

Project Engineer, HPU Customer