HVAC is about finding the perfect motor fit. The ideal balance between quality, costs and performance is key to making a difference. We respect that and know how to develop the right solution. The motor is essential to all HVAC applications – we make it count.


Despite supplying a wide range of HVAC products we are specialised in fan related applications.

End-user industries

The variation in our customers’ end-user industries requires different types of electric motors. We have great experience with most industries.

Hoyer HVAC Approach

Customer Experience

"We often have a lot of suppliers delivering sub-parts and we therefore need to have them all delivering on time. If one supplier do not deliver it means that we need to re-plan production and that we cannot make the serial sizes optimal to our company. Thereby we lose time, production efficiency, and general performance. Hoyer’s delivery performance is therefore crucial to us."

"Hoyer has made a stock solution for us. This creates incredible value to our company, as we are always certain that we have what we need, when we need it. It is convenient and it eases our workdays. Other suppliers would not offer this solution."

Purchase & Quality Manager, Fan Customer