Our Experience
Delivery Performance

Our Experience

We believe experience is key. Operating for more than 40 years in the industry, we understand the market and your needs.

Although the basic principles of electric motors haven’t changed much the last 100 years, product performance, documentation and service sure have.

At Hoyer, we have been part of this evolution every step of the way since 1974. We believe our experience makes a difference. Today our products are more efficient and powerful than ever. Production methods are optimised continuously and the applicational possibilities continue to increase.

Although Hoyer is founded in the small Kingdom of Denmark, our ambitions aren’t small at all.
We strive to expand our business around the world.

At Hoyer, we take pride in delivering flawless and powerful products, customised to fit your specific needs. Operating by the basic principles of service and quality, we aim to excel at this every day.


Service is our top priority. You can expect minimal response time, customised solutions, and a deep understanding of local corporate cultures.

We hold our service to high standards. And we want you to notice it every time you interact with us.

At Hoyer we view great service as part and parcel of our product. It’s what makes us unique to any others on the market. By minimal response time, customised solutions, and a deep understanding of various industries we enable your organisation to benefit fully by gaining competitive value to your product.

Last year we had 1.000 customer visits around the world, and we would love to see you next.

An Expanded Scope

We are constantly expanding the scope of our service, and thereby continually adding value to our products, and thus your products as well. We are fast, flexible and deliver high quality service to your entire organisation. This benefits you, your colleagues and adds value to your entire supply chain.

We work with a customer-first setup. Last year we created 4.000 unique setups optimising the business of our customers.

Delivery Performance

We take pride in completing orders within a fast and flexible frame of time. In this way, we meet your priority of keeping stock expenses at a minimum while still ensuring a steady production flow.

Every year, we spend 28.500 hours modifying motors for your specific needs. In this way we always have a delivery performance at 80% or more. This means supporting your business in reaching performance goals within scheduled time.

Hoyer is dedicated to meeting your need for safe and reliable deliveries. We offer fast deliveries on time. Every time.

In order to meet your challenges as quickly as possible, we keep our products in constant stock. With our strategically placed logistic centers, we are typically able to bring you standard or customised motors within a few days. This way, our customers enjoy great flexibility with our products, allowing us to solve unforeseen events and projects at maximum speed.

We are always ready to help, and we promise we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Quality means understanding that every detail is essential to a great product. We continue to optimise our products and internal procedures to make sure we always offer the best solutions.

We believe our attention to detail is noticeable in our products as well as the services we provide.

In fact, the quality you can expect from us consists of more than just the products we provide - it’s part of our culture and the Hoyer DNA to exceed expectations every day. As we deliver quality in all aspects, you are free to focus 100% on optimising your own product.

Dealing with Hoyer, you won’t have to worry about electric motors.

We can’t say that our products run forever - but with a Hoyer product, errors only rarely occur, and when they do, we’ve got you covered. Our RMA system and 8D reports will quickly identify the cause, correct the error, as well as initiate and verify corrective actions.


With a corporate culture based on honesty and credibility, documentation is a natural part of our operations. This is how we add further value in every transaction.

Documentation and data are essential for our customers’ organisational performance. We respect that.

No matter when and where you do business with Hoyer, you are always offered the same extent and value of documentation. We view documentation as more than just a technical matter - we view it as a highly competitive resource we can pass on to the benefit of our business partners.

In addition to type tests, drawings, and declarations, our documentation includes procedures, marine classification certificates, internal performance management, and much more.

Whether you deal with us on a local or global scale, you are always guaranteed the full package. No risk, no concern - just added value.