How Verdo uses its Hoyer Smart Motor Sensors

At the Randers Combined Heating and Power Plant, which annually generates 545,000 MWh of district heating, and 130,000 MWh of electricity, a total of six Hoyer Smart Motor Sensors monitor the conveyor belt that feeds biomass to the boilers.


“At Verdo, we adhere to a principle of knowing all our failures beforehand which enables us to plan for or predict all breakdowns. Hoyer Smart Motor Sensors free up resources from manual control checks and enable us to monitor operations from a central location,” says Chief Engineer Jacob Rasmussen, who is in charge of technical maintenance at the Randers Combined Heat and Power Plant.

Fast and easy to implement

Verdo chose the Hoyer Smart Motor Sensors because they can provide fast and easy access to the data that Jacob Rasmussen and his colleagues need for monitoring the motors’ operating condition.

“We can access all the relevant data via a browser, both at our desks, on smartphones or tablets. The system records all operating pattern deviations which enables us to let the motors run and wait for a warning. This way, we can be alerted about minor issues before they develop into something worse,” Jacob Rasmussen says.

The sensors run on a separate network with its own modem and SIM card, which further tightens security because it eliminates the need to integrate the sensors into the plant’s main system.

"The Hoyer Smart Motor Sensors enables us to be alerted about minor issues before they develop into something worse"

– Jacob Rasmussen, Engineer

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