Three years in a row: Best Managed Companies 2024

Hoyer has once again been awarded the title of Best Managed Companies in 2024 by Deloitte. This marks our third consecutive win.


The Best Managed Companies Award is a program that recognises business excellence in Danish companies, assessing their ability to implement growth strategies across all key functions. The winners were selected by an independent jury; and we take great take pride in this achievement, which Hoyer managers received on behalf of our company.

What it takes to be an awardee again

Being recognised as a well-managed company requires excellence across various aspects. Hoyer's consistent uptrend in sales figures since our first award underscores our commitment to growth excellence.

This past year, we achieved our best financial performance in history, driven by a new strategic direction that amplifies our ambition towards growth targets. These factors, highlighted by the jury, reflect Hoyer's dedication to continuous improvement and unwavering development.

Additionally, the jury also acknowledged Hoyer's commitment as a Green Transition Partner, as evidenced by our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Our efforts in social matters, including collaborations with local job centres and fostering a diverse workforce, further highlight our strong focus on the ESG agenda.

We are convinced that the greatest impact lies in integrating environmental and social aspects into our existing operations and thus aligning our environmental initiatives with our core business,” says Henrik Sørensen, CEO of Hoyer.

A ‘tri’ bute to all the customers and partners

Reflecting on our journey, Hoyer's internal commitment and customer-centric approach were the keys in earning the Best Managed Companies award in 2023. We have continued to embed these values into our operations over the past year.

At Hoyer, we strongly believe that our achievements are not attained single-handedly, but through the trust and support of our customers and partners. Therefore, this award represents not only our efforts but also the invaluable contributions of our valued customers and partners. As we accept this award, we are committed to continuously serving our customers and partners with excellence and dedicated to our journey ahead – striving to outsmart the ordinary.