Smart motor sensors

Monitor the status of your electric motor by combining sensor technologies with data analysis. In collaboration with ADI OtoSense, Hoyer offers a Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor.

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Suitable for all standard Hoyer motors
Easy to install
Predict maintenance and avoid unplanned downtimes
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Egnet til alle standard Hoyer motorer
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Wireless over Wi-Fi

Suitable for motor output

0.37-500 kW


Easy to scale up


All industries

The Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor allows you to monitor the status of the motor in real time. Developed by ADI OtoSense, the Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor detects irregularities and defects in motors, making it possible to predict maintenance and avoid unplanned downtime.

Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor is a complete turnkey hardware and software solution that helps avoid downtime and optimises maintenance costs. The device sends sensor data to the cloud, where AI provides diagnostics and maintenance instructions through a web platform and mobile app.

Highlighted functions

Actionable diagnostics

Predictively diagnoses 10 mechanical and electrical motor faults

  • Displays the severity of the faults and recommended actions to remedy specific faults
  • A performance indicator identifies potential load issues or a change in the process that may require further action


Automatically generated diagnostics and alarms adapted to your motor

  • No need for manual setting of alarms or limit values
  • Requires no training in the use of manual devices
  • Requires no expertise for the initial analysis


Quick setup, easy to use

  • Works with all asynchronous, low voltage motors up to size 450
  • No wires or extra gateways required
  • The user friendly interface reduces the need for training and device maintenance

Why use smart motor sensors?

Smart motor sensors represent a significant advancement in electric motor management, offering real-time condition monitoring and data-driven insights that enhance performance and reliability.

Smart motor sensors are becoming indispensable across various industries, including manufacturing, HVAC/R, renewable energy, and more. These sensors qualify as "smart" due to their ability to continuously monitor and analyse motor conditions, providing critical performance data in real time.

This capability is crucial for predictive maintenance and operational efficiency.

By integrating with IoT technology, Hoyer's smart motor sensors offer sophisticated solutions that enable remote monitoring and management.

What are smart motor sensors?

Smart motor sensors are advanced devices embedded in or attached to electric motors. They play a crucial role in optimising motor function by monitoring parameters such as temperature, vibration, and load.

This continuous surveillance helps in identifying potential issues before they lead to failure, thus enhancing both the efficiency and reliability of motors.


Detectable motor faults

Power system: Asymmetry in motor currents

Stator winding: Variation in stator resistance

Rotor: Variation in rotor resistance

Motor shaft: Centre of gravity offset

Eccentricity: Stator/rotor concentricity problem

Adjustment: Lack of linearity between shaft and application

Cooling system: Motor cooling problem

Loose motor base: Fixing problem

Bearing: Motor bearing fault/defect

Performance error: Increased vibration level from application

What are the key benefits of implementing smart motor sensors?

Implementing smart motor sensors in industrial applications brings numerous advantages that can transform operations by increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs:

  • Improved operational efficiency: Continuous monitoring allows for the fine-tuning of motor operations, ensuring that motors run at peak efficiency.
  • Reduced downtime: By predicting failures before they occur, these sensors can drastically reduce unplanned downtime, a significant cost saver.
  • Extended equipment lifespan: Preventative maintenance based on precise data extends the life of motor equipment, delaying capital expenditures on new equipment.
  • Enhanced safety: Early detection of potential failures can also enhance the safety of operations, protecting both personnel and equipment.
  • Energy savings: Efficient motor operation reduces energy consumption, lowering energy costs and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Smart motor sensors not only optimize energy use, leading to lower energy bills, but also extend the life of machinery, minimising the frequency and cost of replacements.

Enhanced safety and reduced downtime contribute to overall productivity, making smart motor sensors a wise investment for any forward-thinking business.

Download guide, specification and safety data

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The Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor allows you to monitor the status of the motor in real time. Want to know more about Hoyer Smart Motor Sensors? 

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