3xPTC in windings
Color RAL 5010
Certified by all major class societies

IE1 Marine Motors

Despite an increasing focus on efficiency in the maritime industry, the Hoyer IE1 marine motors are still widely used for all types of marine applications.

Frame size
0,11-733 kW
Protection class
IP 55-IP 66

General information

Hoyer IE1 marine motors are still going strong despite the addition of both IE2 and IE3 in the range and are manufactured according to international standards under IEC.

The motors are asynchronous low voltage three-phase TEFC squirrel-cage motors. Type MS (aluminum) size 56-132 and Y2E2 (cast iron) size 160-400. Cast iron motors Y2E2 can be delivered on request from size 80-450. All motors above size 132 have 3xPTC in windings.
All cast iron and aluminium motors are provided with SKF or similar premium quality bearings. All motors from size 160-400 have heating elements for stand still protection against condensation and tropical windings.

The IE1 marine range is as standard IP55 and painted RAL 5010.

440V Y – Hoyer IE1  Motors ≤ 3,5 kW
440V D – Hoyer IE1 marine motors ≥ 3,5 kW

690V D is available on reqest together with other non-standard voltages.

Application info

IE1 marine motors are used for a wide variety of marine and offshore applications . Typical applications are:

Ventilation – read about our HVAC solutions here
Hydraulics – – read about our HPU solutions here

You can read more about our solutions for the Marine Market here.

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