New product: Prima Italian planetary gear

Hoyer can now offer a new, high-quality planetary gear from the Italian gear manufacturer Rossi. The gears are a perfect match for Hoyer's marine brake motor and thus an obvious product solution for winch and crane manufacturers.

A gear is indispensible, when the torque needs to go up and the rotations down. This is often the case in crane and winch applications on board ships, offshore platforms and in heavy industry: which is why Hoyer is now adding a series of planetary gears to its product catalogue. The planetary gears have among other things been selected to match with Hoyer’s marine brake motor. One of the advantages of the planetary gear compared to other types of gears is that it takes up less physical space, which is an important factor for many maritime customers.

“Since the launch of our marine brake motor in 2015, a number of customers from the marine sector, and from Norway in particular, have shown an interest for a planetary gear solution along with the motor. The planetary gear is available in 24 different sizes, and we can assemble it together with our brake motors, thereby creating a customised solution that fits exactly with the customers’ needs,” says Peder Mørch, Key Account Manager at Hoyer.

Historic gear collaboration

In order to be able to deliver the planetary gears, Hoyer collaborates with the Italian company Rossi. In addition to being one of the world’s leading gear manufacturers, Rossi and Hoyer have worked together since the 1970s, so Rossi has in-depth knowledge of Hoyer’s products and organisation.

“Rossi has manufactured planetary gears for many years, so they have extensive product expertise that matches the high expectations Hoyer’s customers have in terms of quality, service and documentation. With the newly-developed series of planetary gears, as well as combining their expertise with Hoyer’s own, we can guarantee that our customers will get the best possible solution, regardless of the challenges they are facing,” says Peder Mørch.

In addition to combining them with marine brake motors, Hoyer can also supply planetary gears and gear motors for a variety of industrial applications such as mixers, transporters, shredders and pumps. The collaboration with Rossi covers a variety of other gear types, including worm gears, helical gears and coaxial gears.

About the planetary gears

  • Available in 24 different sizes, from 1,600 to 3,000,000 Nm
  • All gear motors are assembled by specialists at Hoyer’s Danish gear workshop
  • Especially well-suited to applications where there are physical space limitations and a need for a high performance gear solution

Rossi gears

About Rossi

  • Over 60 years’ experience with the production of gears
  • Head office in Modena, Italy
  • 800 employees globally
  • Supplier to Hoyer since 1978