Option for surface treatment
CK45 steel as standard

Plate Wheels

Hoyer offers all types of plate wheels. In our workshop we are able to modify the wheels according to customer drawings and requests which ensures day-to-day deliveries.

DIN 8187
ISO 606
Simplex,duplex and triplex
Weld-on hubs

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Technical information

The plate wheels are available in in simplex, duplex and triplex. As standard all wheels are in CK45 steel and ready for modification. In connection with the plate wheels we offer a full range of weld-on hubs in the sizes 1210-5050.

Depending on your application a surface treatment of the plate wheels is sometimes a necessity. We offer all kinds of hardening finishes, tenifering and zinc plated treatment.

The plate wheels are used with roller chains DIN 8187 and DIN 8188. We always recommend changing plate wheels and chain at the same time as a worn chain mounted on new wheel will reduce the service life.

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