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Hoyer Roller Chains

The side plates of our chains are stamped with the old SH logo from 1974 and this will continue. We take pride in our experience with chains and are not afraid to say that we have a great deal of expertise.

DIN 8187
6mm-4½" in pitch
DIN 8188
6mm-4½" in pitch
Simplex,duplex and triplex

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Technical information

We have an extensive range of roller chains in various designs, which enables us to supply most industries.

The range includes “figure 8 side plates”, straight side plates, hollow pins, double pitch and O-rings. The chains are available in both British Standard DIN 8187,  American Standard DIN 8188″ and “Werksnorm”. All in simplex, duplex and triplex versions.

The chains are supplied in steel, stainless steel, anticorrosion, lubricated for life, galvanised and delta pin design.

In our chain workshop we offer to make and adjust chains with brackets and carriers for specific customer requirements. This also includes special lengths and other add-ons which enables us to deliver your customised solution on demand.

Application information

Roller chains are used in a wide range of industries and applications:

Internal conveying
Movement of materials
Food industry
Industrial machinery and manufacturing
Automotive industry
Offshore and marine applications

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