C3L to C5M surface treatment
Option for high output design
Endless options for customisation

Wind Turbine Motors

Our motors developed for the wind segment are defined by the high demands in the industry for product consistency and technical documentation.

Frame size
Surface treatment
C3L-C5M (ISO 12944)
0,09-37 kW

General information

The Hoyer motors for wind turbine applications are designed to meet the challenge of combining customised solutions and product consistency while maintaining a competitive setup with on-time deliveries.

Access to maintenance is often a challenge in the wind industry and our wind turbine motors are therefore resistant to the harsh environments such as high humidity, corrosive salts and ever-changing temperatures. The demands are met by adding special surface treatments and paint systems according to the specified needs and service life in each project.

The motors are mechanical constructed to handle the vibrations present in wind turbines and are furthermore electrical equipped with special windings to handle the demanding grid requirements.

You can read about our Wind Segment approach here.


Application information

We have a selected focus on wind motors for hydraulics, temperature control units and pitch systems. These areas comprises a large variety of applications thereby creating an industry demand for customisation. Our range for wind applications include motors for:

Temperature control / regulation
Hydraulic lubrication systems
Generator cooling / air handling units
Electrical pitch controls
Hydraulic pitch controls
Hydraulic brake units

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