Suitable for all standard Hoyer motors
Multi-purpose sensors
Robust design and easy to mount

Vibration Sensors

Together with Danish sensor specialist KP we offer vibration sensors that supports data collection and predictive maintenance.

Bluetooth/WiFi communication
Modbus communication
All markets

General information

The KPV100 and KPV200 sensors are built for measuring vibrations. Main components in both sensor types are an accelerometer for vibration measurement and a DSP processor for data processing. A main difference between the two types is the communication output as the KPV100 uses Bluetooth or WiFi communication while the KPV200 uses RS485 Modbus communication.

Highlighted features

  • Wide frequency range – 0-1600Hz, 0-800Hz, 0-400Hz, 0-200Hz, 0-100Hz and 1-50Hz.
  • 128 Bin FFT output.
  • Vibration g range selectable from ±2g to ±16g.
  • Measures in three directions, X, Y and Z.
  • Ambient temperature min/max: -40/+85oC.
  • Build-in intelligent alarm system.
  • Plug and Play solution in a robust industrial design.



KPV100 – download datasheet

KPV200 – download datasheet


Product information

With the ever-increasing demand for operational efficiency and reduced downtime, predictive maintenance is a valuable tool. The KPV sensors are multi-purpose sensors for both electric motors as well as applications such as pumps and fans.

  • Predict bearing failure and prevent downtime.
  • Measure application unbalance for improved operation and extended lifetime.
  • Flexible solution  – same sensor type for all motors and applications.
  • Long service life and no battery changes.
  • No subscriptions. Customer property after payment.
  • Option as pre-mounted solution on all Hoyer standard motors.

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