Range from 0.37-1800kW
For central or De-central installation
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Stand Alone Drives

Hoyer Drives and Controls offers stand alone drives solutions together with Schneider Electric. With a flexible one point of contact approach we understand application demands while offering supply chain optimisations.

ATV 630
Process VFD-cabinet mounting
ATV 930
High torque VFD-cabinet mounting
ATV 650
Process VFD-stand alone
ATV 950
High torque VFD-stand alone
0.37-1800 kW
All markets

General information

With the demand for higher energy efficiency in most markets our electric motors are often controlled by a frequency converter. Being experts in electric motors we have a strategic partnership with market leading VFD manufacturer Schneider Electric for stand alone drives. Thereby, we offer an optimal mix of technical insight and commercial flexibility while always having Hoyer as the only point of contact. We are able to offer customised solutions which add value to our customers’ applications and supply chains.

We offer combined motor and stand alone VFD solutions fitted to meet your market, application and project requirements.


Product information

Stand alone

The stand alone drives can be both central and de-central solutions. They are used in a wide range of applications within all our segments. Compared to integrated solutions they support all motor sizes in the Hoyer Motors range.  Furthermore, they offer savings on cabinet engineering and installation compared to cabinet mounted drives.

Cabinet mounted

This drive solution has a central location and is cabinet mounted. It is used for all types of converter-driven applications across markets. Compared to other solutions centrally located drives often have the advantage of optimal surroundings where the risk of damaging corrosion, shocks and dust is limited. If there is an existing cabinet this type of drive can be a cost-optimising alternative to the integrated and stand alone drives.

Application benefits


  • Energy savings by reducing speed and flow for centrifugal pumps.
  • 20% flow reduction equals up to 50% energy savings when compared to valve regulation.
  • Soft start and stop reduces surge and stress in pipe systems.
  • Possibility to utilise the pump capacity by running overspeed > 50/60Hz.
  • The ATV 630 and ATV 650 integrated pump curve feature offer cost savings on flow transmitters.
  • Cascade controller for pressure control systems.

Fans and ventilation

  • Energy savings by reducing speed and flow in fan systems.
  • Possibility to utilise the fan capacity by running overspeed > 50/60Hz.
  • Possible to reduce acoustic noise and resonance in the ventilation system.
  • Safety functionalities embedded like STO and fire mode – forced mode function.
  • Easy to retrofit on existing ventilation systems.
  • Easy for replacement of 2 speed motors.


  • 10 – 15% energy savings on screw compressors compared with slide regulators.
  • Improved lifetime of the compressor.
  • High starting torque for piston compressors.
  • Cascade controller for more compressors.
  • Possibility to utilize the compressor capacity by running overspeed > 50/60Hz.


  • Energy savings by reducing speed and flow.
  • Soft start and stop reduces surge and stress in the hydraulic system
  • Possibility to utilise the system capacity by running overspeed > 50/60Hz.
  • VFD as cascade controller for operating a cascade of HPU’s on same system.

Why use a stand alone VFD?

  • Energy savings – up to 50%.
  • For speed and torque control.
  • Process control.
  • Soft start and stop.
  • Savings on other control equipment.

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Very often customised solutions need special attention. You can always contact us for a discussion about your specific VFD needs.