Suitable for all standard Hoyer Motors
Forecasting maintenance cycles and avoiding unplanned downtime.
Easy to mount

Smart Motor Sensors

Monitor the condition of your electric motor by combining sensing technologies with data analysis. In cooperation with ADI OtoSense, Hoyer offers a Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor.

Wireless via Wi-Fi
Suitable for power range
0.37-500 kW
Easy to upscale
Industry and HVAC

General information

With Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor, you can monitor the motor health in real time. Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor developed by ADI OtoSense detects anomalies and defects in motors, enabling the ability to forecast maintenance cycles and avoid unplanned downtime.

Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor is a full turnkey hardware and software solution that helps avoid downtime and optimise maintenance cost. The device sends sensing data to a cloud where AI provides diagnostics and delivers prescriptive maintenance actions via a web platform and mobile app.

Highlighted features

Actionable diagnostics

Diagnose nine mechanical and electrical motor faults

  • Includes fault severity and recommended actions to address specific faults
  • Performance indicator identifies potential issues with the load or a change in the process that might require additional action


Automatically generated diagnostics and alarms customised to your motor

  • No need to manually set alarms or thresholds
  • No manual device training required
  • No expertise required for initial analysis


Quick to set up, easy to use

  • Works with all low voltage asynchronous motors up to motor building size 450
  • No wires, no additional gateways required
  • Easy to use interface reduces training and device maintenance


Detectable motor faults

Power system
Asymmetry in motor currents

Stator winding
Stator resistance variation

Rotor resistance variation

Motor shaft
Gravity center displacement

Stator/rotor concentricity issue

Motor/load misaligned

Cooling System
Motor cooling system problem

Soft/loose foot
Fixing system problem

Failures/defects in bearing

Installation Guide

The Smart Motor Sensor Installation Guide is available here.

Glue specification and safety data sheets

Glue specification: HT Araldite standard

Safety data sheet: Araldite Standard G Hardener

Safety data sheet: Araldite Standard G Resin


Download specifications here