Range from 0.37-30 kW
Energy efficient motor and drive solution
IP65 protection class

Integrated Drives

We offer integrated solutions with drives from KOSTAL. It is an easy to use plug and play product for all types of applications. From OEM's to end-users the integrated drives are a simple and highly efficient way to achieve energy savings and application control.

Hoyer Motors efficiency range
KOSTAL range
0,55-30 kW
All markets

Typical configurations

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General information

The integrated VFD solutions are cost-efficient and easy to install. With a compact and flexible design they are often used for smaller industrial OEM applications such as pumps, fans and hydraulics.

We offer integrated solutions from 0.37-30 kW. Based on market and application requirements the integrated motor and drive unit is easily configurated. The units are assembled on demand and short lead times are part a key service. The customised possibilities are endless and with Hoyer Drives & Controls as the only point of contact it has never been easier to get started with integrated drive solutions.

Highlighted features

  • Wide range of communication features.
  • KOSTAL app for mobile application control.
  • Integrated display and key pad.
  • Light PLC included.
  • Brake option for ramping down high inertia.

Product information

The integrated solutions can be delivered according to different supply chain needs as Plug and Play units.

Hoyer Motors and Kostal drives are connected and ready for installation. Assembly, complete documentation and run-test by Hoyer Drives & Control.

The integrated drive solutions are not only suitable for OEM applications and production. In many retrofit cases the energy efficiency of existing applications can be improved significantly by replacing the existing motor with an integrated motor and VFD unit.

Why use an integrated VFD?

  • Energy savings – up to 50%.
  • For speed and torque control.
  • Easy installation.
  • Compact design.
  • Cost efficient solution.

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