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Frequency Drives and Controls

We work together with the strongest VFD brands within our segments. Hoyer Motors drives solutions are designed to meet the unique applications of our customers while offering supply chain optimisations.

Schneider Electric

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General information

With the demand for higher efficiency in most markets our electric motors are more and more often controlled with a frequency converter. Being experts in electric motors we have established strategic partnerships with market leading VFD manufactures. Thereby, we offer an optimal mix of technical insight and commercial flexibility while always having Hoyer as the only point of contact. We are able to offer customised solutions that add value to our customers’ applications and supply chains.

We offer combined motor and VFD solutions from 0,37-1800kW. Based on the segment, application or project requirements we offer three flexible converter type solutions:

Integrated – Kostal
Stand alone – Schneider Electric
Cabinet mounted drive – Schneider Electric

Application information


The integrated drives are often used for smaller applications such as pumps, fans, hydraulics and conveyor systems. It is a simple and cost-efficient drive for costumers interested in a compact solution to control their application. Savings on installation cost. We offer the integrated solutions as “plug and play” from our workshop where motor and drive are connected including final testing.

Kostal INVEOR – 0,37-30kW

Stand alone

The stand alone drives can be both central or de-central solutions. They are used in a wide range of applications within all our segments. Compared to the integrated solution it supports all large size motors in the Hoyer Motors range.  Furthermore, it offers savings on cabinet egineering and installation compared to cabinet mounted drives.

Schneider Electric – 0,37-1800kW

Cabinet mounted

This drive solution has a central location and is cabinet mounted. It is used for all types of converter-driven applications across segments. Compared to other solutions centrally located drives often have the advantage of optimal surroundings where the risk of damaging corrosion, shocks and dust is limited. If there is an existing cabinet this drive is a cost-optimising alternative to the stand-alone drives.

Schneider Electric – 0,37-1800kW

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