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For taper lock

HRC Couplings

We offer a wide range of couplings and the HRC coupling is one of the most versatile types.

For taper lock 1008-5050

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HRC couplings consist of two parts with a star-shaped rubber unit in the center. The F part means that the taper lock bush is installed from the inside. H means that the taper lock is installed from the outside

It is an excellent all-round coupling which is able to adapt to smaller imbalances:

Parallel imbalances up to 0.5 mm. Axial imbalances up to 1.7 mm.

The couplings are bored for taper lock in order to allow maximum flexibility with reference to the shaft diameters. They can be used at temperatures from -40 degrees to +100 degrees.

It is easy to install and remove HRC couplings and in case of breakdowns, a new coupling is quickly installed due to the taper lock mounting.

The couplings are used for all industrial applications where two shafts have to be connected.

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