CK45 steel or GG25 cast iron
Suitable for reuse

Taper locks and Bushes

Our taper lock bushes and weld on hubs are natural accessories when mounting pulleys, sprockets and couplings.

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Taper lock or weld on hub

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Clamp elements are a key product in transmission of power and we offer a complete range of taper lock bushes and weld on hubs. As standard they are supplied in steel or cast iron depending on size. Stainless steel is a non-standard option on request.

Taper locks makes it easy to mount and align elements such as sprockets and pulleys on shafts. Often on electric motors or gears.

On request we  offer to weld on hubs in various types of our sprockets, pulleys and couplings but the weld on hubs are supplied separately with taper locks as well.

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