New gear with many potential uses

Hoyer has just presented a new, complete range of worm gears. The gear motors are a competitive and flexible choice for applications within virtually all industries and come fitted as standard with Hoyer's own electric motors.

The latest addition to Hoyer Transmissions extensive range of gear and transmission parts is a complete range of worm gears. Thanks to the simple construction, this type of gear can be used for a wide range of applications within a great many different industries such as food, woodworking and agriculture.

“Worm gears are used pretty much everywhere. They are good for simple applications and are compatible with many other gears and designs. Their great flexibility makes this type of gear ideally suited to OEM’s and the construction of smaller industrial machinery, for example mixers and conveyors,” says Peder Mørch, Business Unit Director at Hoyer Transmissions.

Complete logistics solution included

The new gears are available in all standard sizes and ratios. In addition, the gears can be combined with other Hoyer products, so they arrive ready for use no matter what context they will be used in.

“The gear is part of our complete logistics solution, so our customers always get great flexibility and a delivery guarantee. The gears can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs and fitted with accessories such as output flanges, torque arms and loose output shafts,” says Peder Mørch.

Facts about Hoyer’s worm gears:

  • Available in all standard ratios from 7.5 to 100
  • Power range from 15 nM to 1400 nM
  • Wheel shafts from 11 to 50 mm
  • Potential for customisation in own gear fitting
  • Gear motors run by Hoyer motors