More women in technical companies

Wednesday 5 October 2022, 21 girls from 9th form, Auning School, Denmark, visited Hoyer in Hadsten. The purpose was to give them some insight into working in a technical company. The girls grappled with screwing in an electric motor, they visited a test centre and they good an idea of how it is being a woman in a male-dominated world.

In Denmark, we need more people within IT, technology and science. A lack of knowledge to the many possibilities is one of the reasons why some people deselect an education within these areas.

Due to this, Hoyer participated in the national campaign Girls’ Day in Science 2022. Hoyer welcomed 21 girls to a day focusing on electric motors. The target of the campaign is to attract more girls to the technical professions and thereby be able to recruit more women in the longer run.

“In recent years, we have focused on recruiting more women. But it is very hard as men are still highly over-represented at the technical educations. Therefore, we wish to get into dialogue with the girls before they choose their educational path. The girls have to see that technology and science is not dangerous; and that an education within technology can lead to many different career opportunities”, says Inge-Louise Linderoth, HR Manager, Hoyer.

Role models shared their stories

At Hoyer, the girls met six female role models who in different ways works within the technical field. The girls got an insight into how it is possible to combine the commercial and the technical worlds; and they got to modify an electric motor.

“An electric motor is not a very exciting product in itself. But when you know; that this product is part of ensuring clean drinking water in Africa; that it is part of creating snow at the indoor ski slopes in Holland; and that it is part of transporting our suitcases in Oslo Gardamoen Airport, then it starst to become interesting,” says Inge-Louise Linderoth.

And exactly the electric motor and its functions were in focus when the girls visited Hoyer. Among other things, the girls grappled with modifying an electric motor, they visited Hoyer’s test centre and they got tested on their knowledge about the motor’s history and use.

The support to Girls’ Day in Science set a record

Girls’ Day in Science is a yearly national campaign day where companies, organisations and educational institutions welcome thousands of girls from primary- and upper secondary schools. The girls have to work practically with activities within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Director and expert within girls in STEM from Naturvidenskabernes Hus, Maiken Lykke Lolck, underlines that engagement form companies, educational institutions and organisations is crucial if we are to be able to change something. And in 2022 the support is even higher than 2021’s record year.

“Women are still under-represented at the educations and companies within STEM; and the missing diversity will affect all of us. At Girls’ Day in Science the girls get to meet employees, scientists and students who they can take examples from. It really makes a huge difference when that many organisors support creating more diversity by showing exciting possibilities within technology and science,” says Maiken Lykke Lolck.