Monster crane hoists wind turbines off the Chinese shore

After an 18 months construction period, a massive Jack-up offshore wind power installation platform has been successfully launched off the coast of China. Here, its 800-ton rotary crane will be used to install turbines in the rapidly expanding costal wind farms.

Towering more than 80 meters over the ocean surface, the KOE-01 marine installation platform is an impressive sight as it works to install huge offshore wind turbines off the coast of China.

The KOE-01 is one of several new installation and service vessels commissioned by Chinese shipbuilding companies, in response to the rapidly growing demand for Chinese offshore wind turbines. Able to withstand strong winds and operate at sea for up to 30 days without resupply, the KOE-01 is well suited for the task.

800-ton crane

The platform is equipped with a JYM-HJ3600 hydraulic plug-type lifting system. Its heavy lift 800-ton rotary crane is designed and manufactured by South Marine Machinery from CSSC Group, who turned to Hoyer for motors to power the massive crane.

–  We are very satisfied with Hoyer’s fast reaction and performance during the order production and the advice we received to ensure that the optimal motor solution was selected. We regard Hoyer as a trusted long-term partner, who has demonstrated the ability to exceed expectations when handling major projects, says a representative of the owner of the vessel, Keen Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd.

Rugged brake motors

Based on the advice from Hoyer, South Marine Machinery selected four 315 kW standard marine motors for the crane’s HPU (Hydraulic Pressure Unit), four brake motors and an inverter motor with encoder.

– The brake motors have the IP56 degree of protection for open deck operation. This ensures that they can withstand the rugged working conditions at sea, with frequent exposure to both seawater and strong winds, says Area Sales Manager Xiao Weixang from Hoyer China.

Hoyer also supplied the relevant documentation during the design stage, and carried out extensive quality control during the entire project.

Facts about the KOE-01

  • Jack-up offshore wind installation platform
  • Commissioned in September 2015. Began operation in March 2017
  • Able to operate at water depth of up to 45 meters
  • Total deck area: 2000 m2
  • Variable load: 2500 tons
  • Working range of crane: 20-107 m