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Hoyer with major breakthroughs in the Oil and Gas industry

Dedicated programmes for explosion proof and medium voltage motors, a global supply chain and a long record of accomplishment from the marine sector has enabled Hoyer to secure strong reference projects in the Oil & Gas market. In 2020 and 2021, Hoyer was selected to supply motors for more than 20 projects in three areas: LPG Carriers, Tankers, and FSRU’s.

Despite decades of experience as a motor supplier, Hoyer is still one of the newer players within the Oil and Gas industry. The harsh and unforgiving operating conditions require extremely rigorous standards for customisation, safety, documentation and testing of any equipment used. Demands are even higher when located in hazardous areas. For these reasons, suppliers must prove their worth before earning the trust of the industry, which is often a timely process.

However, Hoyer’s Oil & Gas programme has already secured several strong references within the industry. These include explosion proof motors for compressors and various pumps on several LPG Carriers as well as medium voltage motors for sea water lifting pumps on FSRU’s. In total, Hoyer has had more than 20 ships and other projects in the Oil & Gas industry.

The ambition for Hoyer Motors is to become the preferred Ex motor brand within selected Oil & Gas and marine niches. The roadmap for achieving this goal is the same as always: quality products, strong documentation, and market leading responsiveness.

Playing to familiar strengths

Hoyer’s long history and experience within other demanding industries has an influence on the Oil and Gas approach. Rather than diving straight at the most challenging areas of the sector, Hoyer aims to win in niche areas where familiar strengths gained in markets such as the marine sector can be utilised.

– Many of the experiences, skills, and contacts we have gained through our marine business can be applied to Oil & Gas. Even though we are one of the newer players in the industry, we see this as an advantage as it allows us to challenge customers’ approaches to electric motors and to develop innovative solutions in collaboration with them, says Jonas Løgstrup Hansen, Segment Manager – Oil & Gas at Hoyer Motors.

Initially, Hoyer has made a strategic decision to focus on the upstream production including niche segments such as LNG & LPG Carriers, Products/Crude Tankers, floating platforms such as FSRU’s & FPSO’s and supply vessels.

Dedicated Ex motor programme in Asia

One of the cornerstones of Hoyer’s Oil & Gas engagement is the Explosion Proof Marine Motor Programme. In 2018, Hoyer initiated the development of an Ex motor supply chain in Asia to supplement the EU-based production. In the same year, Hoyer introduced their programme of medium voltage motors, another key product for the targeted Oil & Gas applications.

This enables Hoyer to meet customer expectations for quality, documentation and short lead times in both Europe and Asia, since most projects require customised solutions and extensive documentation and testing. Being able to produce, test and deliver motors locally in Asia has been a deciding factor in many of Hoyer’s recent Oil & Gas reference projects where Hoyer has become an integrated part of the customers’ local supply chains.

A steppingstone for new opportunities

Hoyer aims to further develop the energy efficient Ex motor scope as well as to continuously develop the documentation and certification package. More long-term goals include being able to offer complete Ex solutions including motors, drives and cabinets as well as entering the market for offshore platforms and topside production.

– I am proud to note that 2021 marked the official breakthrough for Hoyer Motors in the VLGC market. Because of the transition to liquified gas fuel as a more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels like coals and heavy fuel oil, we are seeing a rapid growth in the market for LNG and LPG carriers. The experience and acquired skills form the steppingstone towards new Oil & Gas opportunities, says Henrik Sørensen, CEO of Hoyer Motors.

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