Information concerning Covid-19 lockdown in China

Updated 13 June: We see a decreasing number of infected people in Shanghai; but we of course keep monitoring the zero-tolerance Covid-19 lockdown policy by the government in China closely.

Several regions in China are currently impacted by Covid-19.



How does Hoyer experience the situation regarding deliveries to customers?

Currently, we experience disruptions in the logistics of some sub-components from our sub-suppliers (laminations, castings, coating). Due to this, there might be delays of already confirmed orders on up to two weeks, and an additional delivery time of two weeks for new orders.

Does Hoyer experience challenges regarding imported goods?

Yes. We do experience disruptions in our supply chain regarding sub-components imported in China. We have some goods which cannot get through the toll in some hubs because of the situation.

Does Hoyer experience challenges regarding manpower?

No. At the moment, none of our employees are affected by the Covid-19 lockdown situation.

How is Hoyer Ningbo’s warehouse and workshop affected?

In Ningbo our testing, rebuilding, and workshop facilities are running without any Covid-19 issues in the area we are located. This allows us to continue using our workshop assembly line to rebuild from stocked motors.

How are Hoyer’s factories affected?

Currently, none of Hoyer’s factories are affected by the situation.

What can a customer do to support the deliveries?

As soon as you experience changes in your needs of electric motors, please let us know.




As the situation is developing day-by-day, we keep monitoring all available information and communicate with our business partners accordingly.

We assure you of our commitment to maintaining productivity targets and hope for your understanding.